How to make Facebook act like Facebook circa 2010
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I would like FB to show me most/all things my friends post, and most/all things the groups I follow post, in reverse chronological order. I don't much care if they want to also show me ads, but I'd like to see most of the stuff I actually care about.

Sometimes I use FB on my laptop via fbpurity. Sometimes I look at it via the mobile site (NOT app) on my iPhone. The former shows a bunch of stuff from my friends, but I'm not convinced it is showing me all of their posts. It shows almost nothing from the sites I follow. (Maybe I unfollowed this stuff somewhere in the fbpurity preferences, but if I so I can't figure out where.) The later shows some posts from my friends and a lot of posts from pages I follow. How can I see all of it together?

I suspect the answer is that I can't, but a girl can hope.
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You can turn on notifications for all your friends, this is a clumsy workaround but I think it may be your best bet.
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Best answer: For the friends part, I solved this by adding all of my friends to a list. I bookmarked the feed for the list and I go straight there instead of the homepage.

It shows everything my friends actively post, in reverse chronological order, AND it does NOT show crap like "Friend commented on a photo on Stranger's timeline," which is exactly the result I wanted.

Unfortunately this only gets you halfway there as you can't add groups to a friends list. It's also a little cumbersome as any time you add a friend on FB you have to remember to add them to the list.
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I usually look at Facebook using the "most recent" feed, which at least shows me everything in reverse chronological order (although I am not sure it's showing me EVERYTHING). On the mobile site, if you tap the three lines on the far right of the top should show you some feed options and "most recent" is one of those for me. On the website, I think I get there by clicking the three dots next to "newsfeed" on the left hand bar.
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Response by poster: Mama casserole - your comment made me poke around a bit more and the News Feed pull down has options for Friends Feed, Pages feed, and Groups feed. This might do more-or-less what I want (via 3 lists, but hey). Now I just have to figure out the difference between Pages and Groups...
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Check out Social Fixer for Facebook, a browser add-on.
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Seconding Social Fixer! I installed it recently and it's wonderful. A bit overwhelming with ALLLLL the options available, but they're explained well in the UI. With 5 minutes' work you should be able to find what you need.
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This might not be available for the mobile app, but … in your browser, on your homepage, click "News Feed" (near the top of the left-hand sidebar, right under your name), and change it from "Top Stories" (the default) to "Most Recent." Bookmark the new URL and always start from there. That link works for everyone; it isn't specific to any one user.
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