Cookbooks that are about fixing fuckups?
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It occurred to me that the most useful programming books I've read are about fixing bugs and refactoring fuckups, and that a similar principle might hold in useful cooking books. So I'd like to ask for recommendations of cooking books that are about fixing fuckups.
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Reversing chemical reactions is a whoooole different ball game than re-writing some code. That is why you do not see this.
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Re-writing some code does cost one to seven orders of magnitude more than just throwing whatever dish out, but there's still things you can do with poor seasoning, ingredients at the cusp of going bad, etc etc. Presumably someone's written a book about that.
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If your specific fuckup is I have too many left over egg yolks or whites, The Other Half of The Egg.
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How to Repair Food
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Baking 911
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Both An Everlasting Meal and Salt Fat Acid Heat, while not organized specifically around fixing fuckups, cover the topic to a certain extent.
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Yes I came in to suggest An Everlasting Meal as well.
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The Improvisational Cook sort of gets at this indirectly. Fixing a failed dish is often a matter of: this isn’t going to be what I was trying to make, so what can I make starting from here?

Just like with software and engineering, though, successful debugging and repair rests on a strong foundation of fundamentals. Knowing the classical French sauce families is really useful—Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” is a good resource.
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