Google drive: mass/bulk undo/revert moves/deletions from shared folder?
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Asking for the good lady researcher her indoors: is there any way to bulk undo recent moves or deletions from shared folders on Google Drive?

Asking for the good lady researcher her indoors:

She has, for event planning purposes, access to her own Google Drive and also someone else's folder of photos shared with her.

It turns out that, due to certain interface fuckery, she has mistakenly either moved photos out of the shared folder and into hers rather than copying them as intended or deleted them from the shared folder rather than hers.

We can see what's been done in the folder "activity" panel of the web interface, but the only way to remedy the issue seems to be to go into each erroneously moved photo individually in the activity panel, move it to her folder, go to her folder and create a copy, move the copy back to the shared folder.

Is there any way to bulk undo recent moves or deletions like this? We've both been doing it individually, we've run out of wine and chocolate and we're jointly about to flip out and start swearing at our computers.
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This is a shot in the dark as I haven't tried it out but maybe rclone (with RcloneBrowser if you're not comfortable with the command line) could make the process easier/faster.
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Ah well, I appreciate the stab at an answer but I was talking about doing it from the web interface only, as that's the only way you can access recently deleted or moved photos.

In the end we fortified ourselves with more wine and chocolate hobnobs and ploughed through it the manual way. Never mind.
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