Men's trousers for slim men? (28x32)
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Shopping filter: Looking for companies that make trousers with a 28" waist and 32" leg, and with normal cut (not skinny or baggy). Gap was previously my go-to, but their current men's trousers all contain stretch. Uniqlo only does a 29" waist. What else is there? Must be available in the UK. Looking for chinos and plain styles, nothing too on-trend or flashy. Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: ASOS. Just one example.
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"Regular" or "straight" fit are your filters/search terms.
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Response by poster: Just popping back to mention that courdouroy and some smart wool-blends are okay, but not looking for denim. And if there is a site that allows me to search by size, that is welcome, too! Thank you!
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Best answer: Have you tried 29s in other labels? Gap usually sizes quite large.
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Banana Republic lets you filter men's pants by waist and length and (I just checked) has 28 inch waist as well as 30 inch length.

Another thing to try is visiting a thrift store, going through all the labels in the men's pants, try on the 28s and the 29s and make note of the brands you like. Search them out online. It's tedious, but you'll find some brands you've never heard of.
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Can you get Izod and Dockers in the UK? I know they make 28x32 because I bought some when I was skinnier. They're regular twill, like you'd wear at a business casual workplace.
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I'm basically your size and my work pants (biz cazh dress code) are all either Dickie's or Haggar's.
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Uniqlo has been advertising extended sizes online, and when I checked just now they had 28 for men.
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Pricey, but I'm in love with the new pattern of G-Star Raw slim cut pants. Unfortunately, they don't fold flat, but I guess I should be hanging them anyway.
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