Could this system go online? Mailing checks for cash donations
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I volunteer for an organization where, at the end of providing a free service, we ask people if they'd like to donate (cash) to the organization. (The tips don't go to us, they go to the organization.) Then we mail a check, for the equivalent of the cash, to the nonprofit. Is there an easy way to do this online that would have the necessary documentation attached?

Sorry if this is convoluted:

After offering the free service, the volunteers mail the sign-in sheet from the activity as well as a check for the cash donations.

I asked the E.D. if we could scan in the sign-in sheet, and send an online payment to the organization after getting cash donations, instead of mailing the sign-in sheets and check (which is so time-consuming, inconvenient AND costs a stamp/materials).

But he said that because we get our nonprofit status from a larger organization, and that organization has very strict rules about finance reporting, that there was no way to accept online payments.

This seemed odd to me (and the E.D. is notably tech-phobic, so I suspect he just doesn't want to investigate).

I know there are zillions of online tools that help you donate to nonprofits, but I'm looking for an online tool that could (a) transfer money online from a volunteer to an organization AND (b) send an attachment/note along with it, that the office could print or file.

Is there such a thing? That wouldn't cost much?
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Look at St. Baldricks, which is a perfect example of what you're describing.
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