These shoes are made for walkin' (and standin')
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I'm looking for multi-purpose shoes for work and play. I stand and walk a lot in my office and commute by public transport so need something I can dash to a bus with. Dress code at work is relaxed smart casual. I'd also like the shoes to work with jeans for weekends, skirts in warm weather, running errands, walking the dog, etc.

My old, early-edition Keens would fit this bill but the newer models I'm less keen (ha!) on. I'm thinking of something like these Camper PEU ankle boots, but would like some other suggestions. Price ceiling is about $100. I'm not a fan of Mary Jane-styles and don't want a heel. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Best answer: I LOVE my pair of Miz Mooz boots. They're slightly above your price point, but ime, the extra cost is so worth it for the durability and comfort. I've wasted so much money on cheap shoes that fell apart after a season, or that I just never wore because they were so uncomfortable. I've had mine for a couple years of regular wear now and they still look great. I stand/walk a lot at work, as well as bike commute, and they have held up beautifully. (Another woman I take the ferry to work with also has a pair of different Miz Mooz boots that she wears and bikes with all the time!) They're super comfortable and have a good non-slip sole, and a decent selection of cute booties.

I also have a pair of Sorel booties for the rainy season that are great, and am eyeing their other booties for non-rain weather.
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Best answer: Cole Haan has boots and booties for an extra 40% off for the weekend. Several of the booties look like they might work for you. The sale brings them under your price limit. I've found their "flat" boots quite comfortable.
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I have last year's version of these Hush Puppy booties and they are comfy and cute.
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Would Allbirds work for you? I have been wearing my pair every day for work, walking around, and traveling. I even bought a second pair to spice things up a bit. They are comfortable and sockless.
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Those Camper's look great, but also look like they might not last very long under the punishment of a daily commute. I like these Clark Unstructured. Also these Birks.
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I splurge on Munros because they are so comfortable and look great in the office and with jeans, but they are out of your price range--EXCEPT these cute boots, which are on sale right now for $99.
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You can sometimes find Blundstones in your price range when they go on sale. I once got a top of the line pair at Sierra Trading for less than $30.

I wore my two pairs of Blundstones, black and brown, all winter and all summer, with everything except shorts.
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Clarks are often my go-to for this type of shoe. I also get a lot of mileage out of Lands' End, either these or these are comfy and good for 95% of my life, except the REALLY snowy days when they don't have enough traction for walking on icy sidewalks.
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