CUPS backend to discard all jobs?
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Can anyone tell me how to configure a CUPS backend that will send all jobs to /dev/null?

This is on Solaris 10/SPARC with the OpenCSW version of CUPS -- but honestly, with a few hints I should be off and running.

The guy who set it up for us went back to grad school, so being short-handed and having to clean out a flooded printer queue is.....not conducive to a deep dive into the world of CUPS Backend programming.

Thank you!!
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lpadmin -p nowhere -E -v file:/dev/null

seems like the place to start. Google tells me that you might have to set

FileDevice yes

in cups.conf if it doesn't work immediately.

viz: here (pretty much every answer except the first)
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lprm or cancel?
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Hah! Two pitches, two home runs!

Thank you, namewithoutwords: I was overwhelmed when i read that page, and I appreciate your distilling the important bits.

And than you, too, epo: I still need to manually cancel all the old jobs even after I fixed their queue's backend. *sigh* A FOR/NEXT loop with `cancel` on all those jobs -- or maybe just vaporizing every job to that queue -- is my next task!

For any future travelers, I added the "FileDevice" entry to my cupsd.conf, restarted the Solaris service, and then set the new backend just as shown above. Now jobs sent to the dummy queue named "lp0" just....go away.
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