Bocera Green Balls for washing clothes?
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A friend of mine gave me those Bocera Green Balls for washing clothes. They are like a round plastic basket, with special pieces inside, and they are supposedly good for 1500 loads of clothes. She is using them and says they are great. If you have used them or use them, do they work? If you use them, do you take them out of the washer for the rinse cycle? These came as a gift, and yet I have easily a years worth of clothes washing soap, thanks Costco.

Are you satisfied with them? Do you think they are a scam? Give me the dirt on these. Here is a video about them.
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Do you think they are a scam?


From the website:

As the Bio Ceramics collect odors, dirt and waste from your laundry, you simply put them in the sun for an afternoon to recharge them. You only need to do this approximately every 30 days (or laundry loads). There is nothing else you need to do. Just a little sun and they will be just as effective as their first wash.... now that’s nature working with nature!

This sounds like jade eggs for your washing machine.
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This seems like a reasonably thorough test - the results are not good.
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After a quick google and scan of Wikipedia article, I say scam.
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The Australian consumer magazine did a thorough test on these types of products. Their conclusions here. One performed so badly that they awarded it one of their annual shonky awards. See also dryer balls.
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Your clothes will still get clean for the first few loads you use the balls, because they have plenty of laundry detergent residue in them that will rinse out.
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Best answer: Lightly soiled clothes don't really need soap, though, since agitation does the heavy lifting. So you might as well skip the balls and the detergent, unless you took a tumble in a muddy ditch! Laundry placebo :)
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Beware... these things are usually sold via "multi-level-marketing" structures (aka dubiously legal pyramid schemes centered on fake or useless or overpriced products). Your "friend" may be a zombie already.
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Response by poster: These were from Costco in Utah, for about $10. Dang, they better have been.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your answers.
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