Post-season swimsuits in NYC
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I need to buy women's swimsuit that I can try on in store by the end of this weekend in New York. Requirements beneath the fold.

I know it's well after swim season in the stores. I know. I just need a swim suit, and I need it by the end of this weekend. I will not order online because I need it ASAP and I need to try it on and I don't want to go through ordering a bunch of stuff just to go through the hassle of returning all of it.

These are my requirements:

One-piece swimsuit with no weird cutouts. Just a normal one-piece. Can be cute or athletic, don't care. Needs to fully cover my ass and front midsection. I like thin straps and a lower back, but I know I can't be picky right now.

Ideally under $50. Will go up to $75/80 if it's perfect.

Currently available in an actual store in mid- to lower-Manhattan and central/west Brooklyn.

Size 10/12/14, larges and extra larges that actually fit size 10+. I understand that sizing varies a lot at for bathing suits, but I picked up a Large at Billabong that literally wouldn't have covered my thigh.

I'm not busty, so don't need any extra consideration/support there, but I am a little bit butt-y so full butt coverage is key.

Places I've tried and failed due to no availability or cost or sizing:

& Other Stories
Forever 21
Century 21
Old Navy
Urban Outfitters
Ann Taylor / Loft

Planning on checking out Paragon Sports, J Crew, and Topshop this weekend, only because their websites don't offer a 'find in a local store' option and I don't know what they have, though judging from my previous searches, likely very little.

Have you passed through any stores in the last few days where you've seen a decent remaining selection? Or a year-round swimwear store that isn't expensive?

Thanks for your help!
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You should look for a store that caters to swimmers, not people who go to the beach. Jackrabbit looks like an option.
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Thanks for the suggestion. They have only one swimsuit online, in neither my size nor my price range. I've discovered that most serious swimmer brands are quite pricey, but I'll call a few locations tomorrow and see if they have anything more to offer than their online selection.
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Agree with rockindata, you are looking in the wrong category of store. I was able to find a great selection of swimsuits out of season (well, I live in a place where it is never beach season) at my local sporting goods store. Not familiar with NYC specifically though.
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You're asking for a below-market cost out-of-season on a plus-size garment. That's really tough. There are multiple swimwear boutiques you could go to in NYC, but I don't think any of them stock suits under $125-$150.

You might get lucky at a TJ Maxx. There's one in the Financial District. But of course that's a total crapshoot.
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Maybe Athleta?
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Other places to try:

-- Paragon Sports in Union Square (I've found bathing suits there off-season)
--Lord & Taylor (comparable to Macys, around 5th and 30th)

You could also make an expedition to Rockefeller Center and hit a bunch of things:
--Banana Republic (there's a big, 3-story one there, they've stocked bathing suits in the past)
--J Crew (less likely but maybe)
--Saks (more expensive than Macy's/Lord & Taylor or even Bloomingdales, but they might have stuff on sale)
--Uniqlo (up a block or two from Rock Center, idk if they would have suits but if they did they would probably have a plain option)
-- There used to be a Gap up around 51st-53rd on 5th ave, not sure if it's still there
--That area also has a Zara and Anthropologie but I'm not optimistic they'd have what you are looking for. Also a 3-story Forever 21.

You might also look for Gap Body stores -- I think there's one a block or two off Union Square, around 5th and 16th-ish.
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Seconding a straight sporting goods store.
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I've had luck finding out of season, plus size at large, chain sporting goods stores like Sports Authority, Sports Chalet, Dick's Sporting Goods, Big 5 etc. Not sure what you've got in NYC but that's the type of store you should try. They generally have brands like Tyr, Nike, or Speedo, ie made for water sports and very wearable in any setting.
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Land End? Do you have a Sears in Manhatten. If so call and ask because that's the kind of suit they specialize in.
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Lands End seems like a good prospect. It looks like you'd have to get to Staten Island or Jersey City, but might be worth it. They have a lot of things on their website that fit the bill. You might want to call in advance and see how much they have.
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Call sports clubs that have pools, such as the Equinox near the UN; their on-site shop stocks swimsuits year-round.
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Malia Mills is a little farther uptown (it's on 70th and Columbus IIRC), but will likely have what you're looking for. They're pricey, though.
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Shoot, just saw your price requirement. Scratch that.
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I'm surprised Bloomingdales and Macy's didn't have anything- maybe try Nordstrom Rack and then the athletic stores listed. Department stores are generally the best for this.

(Sizes 10/12/14 are not plus size! Billabong is just designed for teenagers- you need brands that are targeted to adult women. I've had good luck with regular department store brands like DKNY).
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This is fluky and might not work, but try Century 21 by the World Trade Center. If you don't know the place, it's generally a designer clothes outlet -- whatever didn't sell in stores -- and the selection is completely random. But they have swimwear, and they have a wide range of sizes. I would give it three out of five they don't have what you want, but if they do, it'll be cheap.
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I'm sorry, I just looked back and I missed that you'd already tried there.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far.

For those suggestioning sporting goods stores, I've already mentioned 4 of the only ones I'm aware of that we have in Manhattan/Brooklyn. If there are others I'm not aware of, I'd love to know about them. But suggesting Dick's Sporting Goods is not helpful because Manhattan and Brooklyn do not have one. Please limit your suggestions to my geographic requirements. (Will not be traveling to Staten Island or NJ or Queens for Lands End. Those are multi-hour roundtrips on public transportation)

Thanks for the suggestions for Athleta and Nordstrom Rack and Equinox, hadn't thought of those yet. Checked Athleta, they have nothing in local stores anymore. Guessing Equinox is going to be $$$, but I'll call them up. Next up, Nordstrom Rack!

You're asking for a below-market cost out-of-season on a plus-size garment.

Yes, I know

That's really tough.

Yes, I know.

You might get lucky at a TJ Maxx. But of course that's a total crapshoot.
Yes, I know.

Which is why I'm asking here, to see if anyone actually knows, otherwise I'd just keep blindly shopping. An answer along the lines of "oh hey, I was just at TJ Maxx in Chelsea yesterday and saw a bunch of one-pieces on sale" is the kind answer I'm hoping for here.
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I would suggest Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. I was in Marshall's and Burlington Coat Factory within the last 10 days and they still had a rack or two of swimsuits. If you went to Chelsea, you have all three within a few blocks of one another on 6th Avenue, and there is also Old Navy and Modell's on 6th as well, which may have options. And that's not too far from the Nordstrom Rack (and another Burlington Coat Factory) at Union Square, near Paragon.
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Anthropologie generally has swimsuits on sale at this time of year. They may still be too expensive though.
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I am a swimmer in those sizes in New York. Paragon will definitely have athletic suits that fit. They maybe not be perfect and may be $80. Athletic suit sizing is generally consistent within a brand, so you could go to Paragon to try things on, then order from Swim Outlet, which will be cheaper, and get the best of both worlds, if it fits in your time frame. Paragon is 100% where I would go if I needed a suit today.
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You might have luck at one of the local dive shops:
-Adventure Scuba on the UES
-Leisure Pro in Chelsea
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I apologize, because I honestly have no idea what New York addresses are in Manhattan or Brooklyn, but have you considered lingerie and bra stores?

I found Linda the Bra Lady which is "midtown east" whatever that means.
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The Nordstrom Rack at Union Sq. had like less than half a rack of tiny mismatched bikini components last week. I'd skip it or call and ask before wasting your time there.
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My wife just found " below-market cost out-of-season on a plus-size garment" at the Burlington either in Union Square or the one on 6th ave near 23rd street. Less luck at the Marshall's and TJMaxx on 19th and 20th at 6th. Maybe some luck at the Nordstrom Rack in Union square if I recall correctly.
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Have you been to Torrid? There are a bunch of them in New York, I think there's one in Brooklyn. Most of their cuter styles are online exclusive (boo), but there are still a few one pieces that are also available in store-- just look for the ones that don't say 'online exclusive' next to it. Also, most of it is on decent sale. I don't know if they'll have it in store, but maybe see if there's a design you like, then give the closest store a call to see if they actually have it to try on? IIRC, a 00 is size 10, a 0 is 12, and so on.

Hope that helps.
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Looks like Leisure Pro might have some in stock that fit my parameters. Thanks melissasaurus, they were incredibly helpful over the phone. Hopefully it'll work out.
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