Should I take this job offer?
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I am generally happy at my job. During a bunch of staffing changes I applied to a different job with the same agency, and today I was offered the position. I need help deciding whether to take it.

This is in the non-profit sector and there isn't any negotiating to be had. I am nearing the end of my wage steps and after September wouldn't see any raises in the foreseeable future. The new job would start at a slightly higher wage(About $120 a month) and after two scheduled wage increases peaks at 39k/yr. I would be in a supervisory position and no longer in our union, but the benefits package would stay the same.The primary benefit to me would be the supervisory experience. My plan would be to stay at the new position learning how to be a good supervisor and move on to a higher-paying position at the same agency when the opportunity arises in a year or so.

The big downside is that I am comfortable and secure at my current job with a very flexible schedule, good relationships with co-workers and the smallest caseloads in the agency. The new position would be a 7:30 am start time which I know will be extremely difficult for me. The person leaving the position, a old co-worker, informed me that the work environment had a lot of conflict and more or less seemed to be toxic, including a strong dislike amongst the team I would be supervising for the manager that offered me the job. I have been good at avoiding these types of issues in the past, but it still factors in to my decision.

The schedule changing is the biggest issue to me, as I have historically done poorly with early start times. An ex-partner, who may be reading this for all I know, holds a similar position in the same department but not the same site and I would be uncomfortable if I had to interact with them. I imagine I'd get over that pretty quickly, but its also part of why I am second guessing taking the position. Since I applied and interviewed the staffing changes at my current job have calmed down and we're back in the flow of things. I know most of this is just in my head and I'm sure I should just take the job because a hundred bucks a month is a hundred bucks, but I wanted to hear Mefi's opinion which has always been valuable to me.

Supervisor experience
Slightly more money
Change is good
Sweet office with window

Early schedule
Less healthy work environment
Potential for awkward meetings
Change is difficult
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Please don't underestimate the impact a toxic work environment can have on your morale and even your physical health. I'd say stay where you are because the potential problems far outweigh the small gains.
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$120 before or after taxes? Because, yeah, depending on your financial situation that may or may not be worth the stress of a toxic environment.
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Response by poster: Before
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$120 bucks pre tax (or after tax) A MONTH is not worth a toxic work environment, nor, in all likelihood, a 7:30 start time.

Skip it.
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Yeah you can earn that easily working an extra part-time job you actually enjoy. Unless your career aspirations also include climbing the management ladder. Even then I am not so sure.
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Best answer: Even if you really committed to this and stuck it out as a career move and maxxed out the earning potential of this position, $39k ain't much. Long term, you probably need to be looking at moving to something with better earning potential. I mean I know non-profit workers are underpaid, but sheesh. If making more money is a long-term goal for you, you should be thinking more along the lines of shipping out to another, better-paying organization.
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I would pass on this. Would not be worth it for me to have to start that early, and a toxic workplace can sap your will to live, no matter how prepared you feel. The combo? Not worth it.
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because a hundred bucks a month is a hundred bucks

This would only work in an situation where all else is equal. But it's not. Supervising is a hard fucking job to do and should be compensated accordingly and have a clear path upwards. You're asking to take on a lot of extra stress and work for an additional hundred bucks a month - but that's selling yourself short. They aren't doing you a favor by giving you an underpaid position in a toxic work environment.
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Best answer: Leaving a comfortable environment for one that's not just unknown but known to be toxic in general, and awkward for you personally, for just a bit more money, is probably not worth it. I mean, just being in a comfortable place that you know is in itself worth a lot, and in this case, you know for certain it would be uncomfortable in multiple ways.

If you had a plan to very quickly get a new job that would greatly benefit from showing this promotion, then maybe. But that cuts both ways; leaving shortly after you got a promotion could raise eyebrows. And it's far easier to job hunt when you are in a comfortable spot. I'd stay put and if you want to find another opportunity for growth and higher pay, focus on a job hunt for something better.
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My gut feeling based on your description of the situation is don't take the new position, but do a weekly job search in your field for a lateral or even a step up new job if you're looking for new challenges and possibilities.

If you're comfortable where you are now, you are free to look for the RIGHT new job, rather than the one before you right now.
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Best answer: Do a little more investigating. Why is it toxic? Is there a poisonous person who can't be moved? As a supervisor, you might be able to change things, and challenge is a good way to learn. Early start time can be hard, but I am really not a morningish person, and I was on time for 8 a.m. with a 45 min. commute for a year, because i learned how to prioritize it, and structured my life to make it happen. In any case, I'm not saying take the job, just learn more about the toxicity and the resources that would be available.
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I'm a born night owl. At one point I got offered a job that ran 7-4 a.m. I only had that job for 4 months and I think my sleep still has never quite recovered.

Also, if you already know it's a toxic office and you're not desperately job hunting and right now you have a job? Don't jump into a known toxic office! Anyone who's been in one will tell you to avoid it if at all possible, it scars you for life.
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the work environment [has] a lot of conflict and more or less seemed to be toxic, including a strong dislike amongst the team I would be supervising for the manager that offered me the job.

Oh hell no. Your current job and the job offer are not the last two jobs in the world. If you want to make a move, apply for other jobs, but skip this offer.
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Best answer: Don't forget to weigh in the "little" things, like the flexibility you have at your current position; would your new position be salaried and expect more than 40 hours a week from you.

I just took a new position for the future opportunities and I really, really miss: my sweet walking commute, my flexible schedule that gave me time to work out in the morning and be alone at home, my awesome coworkers & some particular customer/clients, the creative aspects of my old position. I had some negative things I was leaving for some better stuff, but having to run every meeting, training, and, appointment by my boss; having a 40 minute bus commute; having very strictly regulated tasks are taking more time to adjust to than I originally gave much weight to in my considerations.

I vote for holding out for something in the future. This is not the only job ever.
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I love being a manager and there is no way I'd take this if I were you. Walking into a toxic situation where you get put between a team and management they don't like is not the way you want to learn to be a manager. Add your other negatives, and there's no way I think this is work $120/month and a sweet office.
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I would never in a million years knowingly move into a toxic work environment for a mere ~$100/month extra. Even if all things were equal between these two positions, a managerial role is still worth more than that. Stay where you are and keep searching for other jobs.
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Response by poster: I think I may have ruined the question by using the term toxic, I probably used that because I've read so much AskMe. Maybe I should have phrased it differently.

I decided to be honest about my hesitation and just ask about the issues, and also to ask if I can come in at 9, like I've been doing since 2009. It is a salaried position after all. If they can't be honest with that conversation and can't be flexible on the start time (like alternating start times with one of the other supervisors at that level) I'll stay where I'm at.
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