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Looking for grassy dog parks in Chicago. Do they exist?

My dog, a hound, is a wanderer. He can't be off-leash except in a well-enclosed dog park. He also likes grass. We're new to Chicago and I can't find ANY grass dog parks! They're all pea gravel and cement--or they're dog beaches, which are very close to Lakeshore Drive and too easy for my hound to escape from. For now, we're walking on-leash in public parks.

Do you know of any grassy, enclosed spaces for dogs in the Chicagoland area? We'd even be willing to drive to the burbs. Pup needs grass on paws!
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There's one in Forest Park, IL on Circle Ave right near the Harlem blue line stop. Although it's more dirt than grass since it's pretty heavily used.
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Naturally, it has a yelp page. If you squint you can see the grass.
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Since you said you're willing to drive out to the 'burbs, some Cook County Forest Preserves have Off-Leash Dog Areas.
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Winnemac Park is dog-friendly and has lots of grass.
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Thanks, folks! I wish I could take my dog off-leash at preserves, but, as mentioned above, he's a wanderer (hunting hound who follows his nose, and is fast). I'm really in search of well-enclosed grassy areas. If anyone knows of others, please let me know.
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It's pretty far, but maybe for a weekend jaunt you could try the Duck Farm Dog Park in Lindenhurst. It's a whopping 48 acres of grassy paths, streams, wooded areas, all fully fenced and well maintained. I take my dogs there almost daily and they absolutely love it.

There are enough amenities (picnic tables, toilets, water fountain) that you could make a morning or afternoon of it.

I think the cost is $10/dog on a one-off basis. (I buy the annual permit.)

A possible down side, the place is huge, so you might have trouble finding your dog unless he's good at finding you once he's done wandering.
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This is not fully enclosed, but it is big and has nice lush grass: Nichols park in Hyde Park has a long tradition of people letting their dogs off-leash to play. The surrounding streets are not busy. The streets at the far ends of the park are busy. Not sure how far your dog likes to wander.
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Please don't let your dog run off-leash at Winnemac Park. It's not a legal dog park, and besides the fact that cops ticket there, I've also seen poorly-watched dogs getting in fights with one another, ruining the natural prairie preserve, knocking down elderly pedestrians, etc. My own dog is nervous about other dogs running up to him while he's leashed, so I sadly had to stop going there.
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