What to do, where to eat in Phoenix in Sept?
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I'm coming into Phoenix, AZ for three days and two nights (Sept. 13-15), for work, staying near 1st Ave and Washington. Is there anything to do in town on those nights? And anywhere within easy walking distance I should go to eat?
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Response by poster: I checked Google Maps for food, and there are some interesting sounding locations in the general region (Alice Cooper'stown sounds interesting, as a possible spectacle eatery), and it looks like those days in Phoenix are uneventful, at least according to Tripsavvy's list of events in September.

And if anyone's in the area, I posted a proposed meetup.
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It's a little bit of a drive, but, take an Uber and go to Los Dos Molinos. I usually make a pilgrimage there when ever I'm visiting the in-laws.
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That's such an interesting, fun, eclectic area! Venture down Grand Ave and visit the galleries and shops. There are so many different, unique places to eat along Grand Ave and then down Roosevelt Ave. It's a little further, but I ALWAYS suggest Tuck Shop to eat at because the food is legitimately AMAZING. Also, Treehouse Bakery is a fabulous vegan bakery. I'm not vegan or vegetarian and I LOVE their baked goods!

Skip Los Dol Molinos and go to Barrio Cafe on Grand Ave. You'll be SO GLAD you did! Or you can try both!

There are shared bikes you can use to explore the area!

Skip Alice CoopersTown - It's your basic burger joint stuff and is basically meh...
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Oh! And go to Lola Coffee Bar for your morning (afternoon, evening) coffee!
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Best answer: There are SO MANY incredible places that have popped up in Phoenix over the last year or two. This has truly become a foodie town.

Keep in mind that even in September, it's still going to be 100+ degrees. You won't be doing a lot of walking but Uber and Lyft are prevalent and you shouldn't have any problems getting around.

If you give me some parameters, I'm happy to make more suggestions but here's what's close by you.

Chico Malo

(This one you can walk to. Great happy hour.)

Pizzeria Bianco (Just sit at the bar. The wait for a table tops four hours sometimes)

Desoto Market (Several options housed within this cool space but the Larder and the Delta is my fave.)

Take an Uber to these places:

Phoenix Art Museum
The Heard Museum
Mora Italian
Buck and Rider
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take an uber to la santisima. have a quesa. they are not at all healthy, but they are fantastic.

the second, non-downtown location of pizzeria bianco is much less busy than the downtown one.

postino is amazing. likewise windsor, and churn next door for ice cream.

if you're the drinking type, i really liked the womack. dark, funky (not in a bad way) vibe, good live music.
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Pizzeria Bianco (Just sit at the bar. The wait for a table tops four hours sometimes

I haven't been, myself, but I can tell you that LA is losing its fricking pizza mind that they're opening up here. It's been near the top of my restaurant bucket list for years, go!
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Seconding Windsor & Churn, the Heard Museum and La Santisima. La Santisima has many unique, homemade salsas. The pecan and cilantro mixed together and the seven chili and pecan mixed together are so, so delicious!
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Also, for a boozy night, you can't go wrong with Bitter and Twisted.
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Durant's is accessible off of the light rail and is a fantastic steakhouse right out of the '50s. Entrance is through the kitchen. The actual kitchen; the cooks will say hello when you come in.

At 1st and Washington you're going to be steps away from Cartel Coffee. Lucky you!
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Best answer: Phoenix is, weirdly, kind of a big deal for food and drinks right now. I'm just going to throw up a bunch of the suggestions I have here, and you can make your own judgements about light rail/Grid bike/Uber/Lyft. :) You can buy a multiday all-public-transit pass that includes lightrail and local buses from any lightrail station and it's pretty cheap if I remember correctly.

2nding Bitter and Twisted. The Blue Hound is also downtown and I can personally vouch for whichever cocktail comes with the big delicious slice of dehydrated grapefruit. The Rose and Crown is a nice little pub right in downtown. If you're willing to go farther afield, Phoenix is awash in good breweries. Wren House is my favorite, but there's also Four Peaks in Tempe, Phoenix Ale Brewery, McFate in Scottsdale, OHSO in Arcadia, Papago Brewing, and Mother Bunch. Or try a selection at Angel's Trumpet Alehouse, and wander over to the Lost Leaf afterward for free music.

Undertow is a fantastic nautically-themed tiki bar with incredible cocktails. It's underneath Sip Coffee and Beer Garage, which is also a nice place, and across the street from Crudo, which has unbelievably good cocktails and food.

Cartel Coffee is okay, but I prefer Jobot, Royal Coffee Bar, Songbird Coffee & Tea House, or Giant.

Nami is a super great vegan bakery. Hanny's is a fun, weird place that's often lively on weeknights and serves good cocktails and food. Make sure you eat a Pasty while you're in town. Phoenix Public Market is also quite close to you. For sure take the trek over to Welcome Diner, preferably late at night. Matt's Big Breakfast comes recommended although I've never been.

And since you're in New Mexico hopefully you have access to good tacos but if not, let me know because Taqueria La Hacienda, Tacos Sahuaro (carne asada quesadilla on homemade tortilla, drool), Taqueria Yaqui, and Asadero Toro are all within striking distance.

Oh and if you're going to be in Tempe at all, shoot me a Memail-- I have a whole separate list.
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