The house is getting fogged
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A member of the family has asthma and the landlord thinks there might be harmful mould in the house due to some recent leaks. They want to "fog" the whole house with a product called "GM2000". There's not a lot of information around on what this product actually consists of. Any ideas on what's in the fog?
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Here a MSDS is given, but it only lists the active compound as a Quaternary Ammonia compound, but it looks to me that the information further down in the document are specific for the compound in the material, so it should give you some idea of the contents and the properties of those compounds.
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Thanks that's good info - and led me to this Wikipedia page, which makes it sound like pretty mild stuff.
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Quaternary ammonia is not a big deal at all. Probably half or more of the restaurants in the US rinse dishes in it as a sanitizing step when using a three compartment sink to hand wash. It's the final rinse, too, as it's food safe.
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Wow, according to that Wiki page, there are quats in spermicidal jellies! I never knew. It does sound like there is potential for respiratory irritation and dermatitis, though.
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