Books or resources besides RAIIN?
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A friend is looking for useful resources for parents of victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. I was a bit too frazzled to recommend Raiin at first, so I'm glad they found it, but it's not enough. Suggestions?

The perpetrators and victims are all minors (the aggressor has since been removed from the victims' home and is going through pre-trial intervention).

The parents and step parents involved feel as if they are kind of floating, without any good resources specifically for their situation, as parents, step-parents, as co-parents, and in communicating with the guardians of the perpetrator to help all of the children involved.

They're interested in books, website, online and offline support groups, et cetera.
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What location are they in?
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From the OP:
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This older question might be helpful.
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There is an organization called the Children's Advocacy Center that helps victims of sexual abuse. They have offices across the US. My understanding is that they can help with forensic interviews, with liaising with the police, with referrals to experienced therapists, and other matters. I hope they can help your friend.
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Pandora's Project:
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