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What parts of twitter are weirder, interesting-er, less hot-takey and more experimental-arty, or funny, or innovative?

I really liked Teju Cole's Twitter Small Fates. I like the new Uncharted Atlas bot. I like certain visual meme makers if they're weird or different. Can you suggest more arty, interesting users of twitter?
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Weird Twitter: The Oral History, especially TriciaLockwood and Dril. Also Cursed Images.
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If you like the predictive text/neural-net-generated type of humor, may I recommend Jamie Brew's twitter? I believe he is also responsible for craigsglitch.
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Allison Parrish and Darius Kazemi write awesome twitter bots and sometimes share procedural art stuff by others. If you like Uncharted Atlas check out Allison's The Ephemerides, which is my nominee for "most beautiful bot of all time." They also use their personal accounts to talk about life and politics, so they might be too hot-takey for you, but you'd probably enjoy their projects and the ones they link to.

mcc is another good person for finding and sharing really interesting procedural and glitch art, and sometimes photography and drawings. Though again, it's twitter, so there's also politics and queer stuff and opinions about programming language design all mixed in.
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Birds Rights Activist is consistently laugh out loud funny while also being entirely internally consistent. It's really brilliant. I also consistently enjoy the Rubber Bandits but it might be a bit regional.

I miss Vine :(
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Oh! And if you like poetry Kaveh Akbar shares a ton of it, mostly new work by other living writers.
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Guillermo del Toro
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Possibly try on Mastadon.
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I'm a big fan of some of the single-topic accounts like dosnostalgic and AeroDork. I'll second the Birds Rights Activist recommendation as well.
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I like a bear for philosophy and dumpster diving, and The Strange Log, which purports to be real commit messages, but without context.
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Moth generator.
115 MetaFilter Projects.
Waiting for Unicode Snowman to come back.

Also thumbs up to bear and Birds Rights Activist.
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Rob MacFarlane has turned my feed into a catalogue of the occluded wonders of the natural world; there is so much world to explore and know and it has made Twitter worthwhile again.
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Seconding Rob MacFarlane!
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He/it hasn't been posting frequently lately, but Daniel Manitou will scratch your macabre Weird Twitter itch.
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Some artists working with computational art / "generative art": @ExUtumno @cornusammonis @MaxBittker @nervous_jessica @inconvergent @noisia @quasimondo @sougwen @kcimc @AtticusBones

Some artists working in motion graphics (many with a geometric bent, some overlap with previous category): @sasj_nl @mattdivito @simmsrory @beesandbombs @tdhooper @TatsuyaBot @PerfectHue @shonk

Weird and beautiful video games: @lorenschmidt

Illustration / just plain pretty: @matchavi @Mag_ho @iraexe @sylvia_ritter
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Ah, one more for the "illustration" list I forgot to paste in: @Kanekiru.
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Pulp Librarian is great for a daily fix of weird illustration.

Novelist Rabih Alameddine posts art of all kinds. He's a curator of sorts and I appreciate his eye.
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41 Strange posts mostly odd vintage gifs and clips and images from old movie. Postcard to America is random found postcards with one line of the text. Dark Stock Photos is unsettling & hilarious. Silent Movie Gifs does what it says on the box. In botland I like magic realism bot , bot can cook and British Gardens.
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THIS IS AWESOME. My twitter is already much more soothing, curious, amusing, and engaging. At least I can balance the apocalypse and hot takes with oddity and art now.

(Still love Mastodon, but I'm enslaved to Twitter's addictive UI, so making twitter less stressful and more weird is good for me)
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For silliness, I like Bad Realty Photos and DUNS├ľNs & DRAGGANs, which I discovered via the Blue. Then there's the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London, who posts lots of raven closeups, and the excellent cartoonist Tom Gauld, and psychologist/author/magician Richard Wiseman, who posts bad puns, amazing optical illusions and entertaining Quirkology videos.
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I love the women's art bot.
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