What European City should I visit next?
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I love traveling to Europe and would like to decide where to go this coming November. So far I've already gone to Barcelona, Prague, Florence, Venice, London and Paris. Which city should I visit next given that timeframe? I am a jazz and classical music fan, an art gallery and live theatre addict, a foodie and also delight in the slightly offbeat (e.g. Secret Cinema in London!). The ideal destination would have some special November event that would be worth checking out. Thanks for any suggestions.
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The Cork Jazz Festival in Ireland ends on Oct 30th but it's really fun if you can swing it. And Cork is a nice small city.
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Ah, you're going to Berlin! Cheap, ridiculously artsy, with tons and tons to do. Cycle along the runways of Templehof Airport! Or if not Berlin, then Amsterdam or Copehagen.
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Amsterdam is waiting, with open arms, to cuss at you for standing in the bike lane. Don't let that deter you. Sinterklaas arrives on November 19, and you really should experience the Zwarte Piets while they're still around. The beautiful Amsterdam Light Festival starts on Nov. 30.
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Utrecht has the Le Guess Who festival November 9-12 with an incredible lineup of avant-garde, indie rock, jazz and world music.
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I came here to say all the same things humboldt32 did (except for maybe the cussing part). I fell madly in love with Amsterdam last time I was there and can't wait to go back and see the Light Festival.
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Copenhagen. I'd go see the Gorrillaz, but that's just me. It's a beautiful town, with friendly people & great food.
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Seconding Amsterdam, but I'd suggest going earlier in the month for the annual Amsterdam museum night on Nov. 4. It's a wonderful event -- I went two years ago and am planning to go again this year.
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Bologna. Oldest university in Europe, and the second best food in Italy. (Best food is at your mother's home, of course.)
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I hear amazing things about Budapest.
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I love, love, LOVE Vienna for All The Things. Strasbourg is adorable and charming. Munich is sophisticated and has the Deutchesmuseum(s) in case the weather decides to get ugly.
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If you fancy going a little further east (but not that much, it's 3 hours from Vienna) then Budapest is one of our favourite cities. It's full of things to see and the hot springs are amazing. The food is great too and everything is really affordable. I could go on for hours. MeMail me if you want a massive list of things to see and do.

Basically, take the best bits of Paris, Berlin and Vienna, add hot spring baths and shake and you've got Budapest.
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