I want to create a signature file on my ipad and get it onto my PC
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I can sign documents just fine on my iPad. But

what I want to do is sign my name in a Paint or other generic app and then email that file and open it on my PC so I can always have a signature file to paste onto documents that are in my PC. This is because the signature is really somebody else's who does not own an iPad and wants to save the file on his PC so he'll always be able to paste it into documents.

When he signs his name in an iPad app (I've used a couple) and emails that picture to himself, the picture shows up within the text of an email. I would like to find an app for the iPad that makes it an attachment, like a .jpeg or something, that can be saved onto his PC.

How can we do this?
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Take a picture of your signature on white paper and email to yourself. Save file attachment from email on your PC.
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If the image is showing up in the body of the email, can you open the email on the PC and right click and save the file? Generally an image showing up in the body of an email is just the email program "helping" by showing the attached image without you having to open it. It's still an image file and you should be able to right click and save it.
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Save it to the camera roll. Connect the iPad to the computer. Copy over the picture. No iTunes needed - it'll show up like a digital camera
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Kind of a fix: Download Adobe DC to your iPad. You'll have to register an Adobe Account (it's free). Capture your signature.

When you sign into Adobe DC on your computer, your signature will be available for you to sign documents. If you sign a PDF that way (on the Fill and Sign menu), you'll also "digitally sign" it. That way, whoever gets the document knows you signed it (your digital signature is embedded), and the document can't be edited later (it locks it).

The only drawback is that you can only sign PDFs. If you want to sign a word doc, for example, save as a PDF, open in Adobe DC, and apply your signature.

I've been doing this for a while now. Helped reduce my paper consumption quite a bit, and makes emailing documents SO much easier (no scanning).

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I signed a piece of paper and emailed it to myself, and then imported that into Adobe so I could sign PDFs.

For what you're talking about, if the signature shows up in the email, it's still embedded in the body of the email, so you should just be able to right-click and download it (usually "save as"). I'm not following why it needs to be an attachment rather than embedded.
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