Friends caring for a cancer patient need central calendar
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Our beloved friend is dying and there are about 12 of us who are delivering meals, coordinating news, making visits, etc. Thus far we've been just using an email list, but something like Lotsa Helping Hands could be useful...

Here's the rub: privacy for our friend as well as for us is a big priority. I'm probably one of the more tech savvy people in the group so have offered to set something up. But there are at least three people with deep privacy concerns. Can anyone recommend a solution that won't freak anyone out? More detail available if necessary. Thank you!
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Would a Google shared "family" calendar be out of the question?
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I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, but it's lovely that they have so much care around them. Assuming that everyone in your group has a smartphone, would using an app work?
I used to use Google Calendar and When I Work in past jobs. Here's an article from When I work outlining three free ways to schedule employees via app, which I think is what you're looking for.
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Make a calendar at lotsahelpinghands: the people you invite will log in using their email address (and a password, I think), and you otherwise keep it private. Calendars for meals and errands, pus a place for sharing news.

Here is how to set it up:
"Privacy is one of the key values at Lotsa Helping Hands, and all Communities start with the default setting that only Members who have been invited or approved by Community Leaders or Coordinators have access to the Community web site. Leaders and designated Coordinators may choose to make certain Community Sections, or Activities on the Help Calendar, viewable by people outside the Community. In no case may the Public sign up for Activities or post a message or comment to a Community Section."
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