Gladiator: Theatrical or Extended cut for a first time viewer?
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I'm about to show my partner one of my favourite movies for the first time ever. She's a strong minded lady who will turn off anything which fails to grab her or throws too much halfbaked stupid in her face. She's resisted watching Gladiator (2000) because it's her estranged (and awful) fathers favourite movie... I want to maximu-uh, ise my chances of her being entertained by this experience and would appreciate the advice of any connoisseurs out there.

Ridley Scott prefers the theatrical cut, but Ridley Scott ain't exactly the best judge of Ridley Scott films these days (see the infinitely superior Kingdom of Heaven Extended Cut for a perfect example). Thanks for helping me dodge tigers and solving my Sunday night conundrum.
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would watch the theatrical one with her. its such a bomb movie! the extended version is good too, but the shorter scenes have more impact imo.
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Speaking as an impatient lady who will turn off anything which fails to grab: always go for the shorter version. If we love the movie, we'll tell you and next time we can watch the Extended Version together.

(The only exception is if the short version cuts out something indispensable to making the plot make sense, like in the 3rd Batman where they cut out the part with little Bruce being the one to decide to go out the night his folks were killed. This made it nonsensical for him to blame himself for their deaths, which he does at length notwithstanding it making no sense, ARRRGGGH HULK SMASH anyway, as I recall, the theatrical release of Gladiator didn't cut out anything plot-crucial.)
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Ummmm.... not wanting to derail or anything, and I'm trying to put this as un-snarkily as possible, but if the movie has unpleasant assocations for her why are you so set on having her watch it? Maybe the best way to maximise her chances of 'being entertained' would be to pick another of your favourite movies that has less negative connotations for her? You also get bonus points for making this all about her (sorry, but it seems like it's a wee bit all about you at the moment).
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She suggested we watch it. I'm trying to make it as enjoyable for her as possible.

It's not like this particular movie she's never seen has especially awful connotations, nor will seeing it likely ruin her life :D her father is not Commodus... question is simply because knowing she already has qualms about the film I'd rather show her the best version of it now she's chosen to watch it herself. Two and a half years and about 500 other movies, usually as in this case her pick, demonstrate this is not all about me.
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I'm about to show my partner one of my favourite movies ...

She's resisted watching Gladiator (2000) ...

she already has qualms about the film

Quoted to reemphasize Chairboy's question. You clearly feel you're the Gladiator impresario/pusher here and your attitude will affect her experience. If you're anxious enough to bring your movie choice to MeFi, she'll pick up on that.
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