Hacking Baby Strollers. Yeah.
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So, I really want to get into hacking a baby stroller and make it into something else - either a shopping trolly or a bike trolly with a few adjustment here and there.

Is there some kind of forum for out of the box thinking inventors who can upload, share and network to work on joint projects? Not just for hacking a baby stroller but also in general whacky inventions?

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This is not completely what you're looking for, but you'll probably enjoy the mindset found at Ikea Hackers.
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Yes, they do that sort of thing on instructables. There are existing projects (including some with strollers--just search on it), and there are forums for brainstorming projects.
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You're in good company: in the early 90s, Max Barenbrug had a very similar idea.

His graduation project from design school was a modular stroller that you could connect to your bike.

After a few iterations, he founded Bugaboo and introduced multi-functional strollers to the world :-)
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