Mystery hot powdered peach "tea" drink mix
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A long time ago I used to buy this sugary, peach flavored powdered drink mix (think hot apple cider mix) in single serve packets that was served hot like apple cider, from an asian grocery store in canada. Does anyone know what it was or where I can still get it?

I remember buying it in an asian grocery store or tea shop in Vancouver BC in the late 90s to early 2000s.

It came in white plastic, rectangular single served packets, about the size of a hot cocoa packet. It was available in other fruity flavors as well. I remember it having strong peachy flavor with a very slightly sour kick. The box the packets came in was sort of squarish and orangey-pink. It definitely said to serve it hot and may have said something about tea on the box in english but most of the writing was not english, perhaps chinese? It was definitely not actual tea (no tea, no chamomile, no hibiscus, no leaves of any sort). Just very sugary, fruity powder mix.

Anyone know what it was or where I can still get it or something similar?
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I'm fairly certain that the thing you're describing is sometimes called Turkish tea--it's a sugary, fruity powdered mixture, sometimes in individual packets, mixed with hot water, right? I've had it in apple and pomegranate, and have seen it (less commonly) in other flavors.

You can buy a tin of the apple version on Amazon. I suspect that what you're looking for is something like this, which looks like it's a single 100g packet, but is likely the same thing.
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I am from Canada and I remember the powder. We called "Russian Refresher Tea" no idea why and the packets were plain white. I think they were just the general store brand "peach drink" that we served hot. It was next to "Tang" in the grocery aisle.
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Just to add at saradarlin's reply, when I was in college in the mid-70s we mixed Tang (orange, not grapefruit) and instant tea together and served it hot as "Russian Tea." No idea where the name came from, but the whole question reminded me strongly of this. At the time we couldn't buy it this way...we always mixed it ourselves.
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