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I'm planning on moving to Denver at the end of October. I've been on disability for mental health reasons for the past few years, but am ready now to try re-entering the workforce. My education record is strong, but my work history since then has been spotty. I'm sure the time gap between jobs doesn't help either. Ideally, I would like to find a part time or contract position in supply chain management or logistics. Is there any hope to make this happen? What steps would you take if you were in my position? Thanks!
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My state has the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, which serves disabled people. If your state has something similar, I'd start there. They have things like resume writing help, job fairs, additional training, etc.
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You likely know this already, but the Denver area unemployment rate is hovering around 2%, one of the best of any city in the country. If I were you I'd start looking into and contacting local temp agencies. Perhaps there's one that works either in the field you're interested in or with disabled individuals? I'm sorry I don't have any specific agency recommendations, but I think you have both timeframe and geography working to your advantage here.
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