People who would be arrested if they came to the US?
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Is there anywhere a full or partial list of people who would be arrested if they came to the US? I think Roman Polanski was potentially such a person but maybe this is a mistake or the perhaps whole trope doesn't make sense in the first place. Thanks!
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Some of the regions on the US Marshal's Fugitive Task Force page has a list of individuals suspected of leaving the country
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Maybe not quite what you're looking for, but Interpol posts excerpts of some of the requests made by member countries to arrest people. These requests are called red notices, and you can find them here. You can filter down to only those people wanted by the US. It's not a comprehensive list, as not all of the requests are made public.

In general, it's pretty likely that most people who are the subject of a red notice issued by any country would be arrested at the US border if the US figures out there's a notice for them.
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Both much more informational, and much less sexy, than I was hoping for! Thanks, y'all!
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