Help me find men's skinny jeans for a tall person
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I go through jeans at an alarming rate. My current/all time favourite pair, are Uniqlo's Miracle Air skinny jeans, but sadly it looks like they've discontinued them. Do you know of any jeans that are similar?

The Uniqlo Miracle Air ones are really stretchy, and really light. They also weren't crazy expensive, which was nice though not critical. They were dark enough that I felt okay wearing them at work occasionally, but also crazy comfortable.

I'm in Canada, though would order online from elsewhere if need be- that's how I got my current Uniqlos.

I don't find regular or slim cut jeans to be very flattering. I also don't really care for the jogger pant style cuffs that Uniqlo has a lot of these days. I usually wear a 36W/34L in the Uniqlos. I'm 6'5". Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!
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I work at the Gap, so take this with a grain of salt, but I know a lot of people like their stretch skinny jeans. They are also experimenting with some styles with Lycra, but for those I think you'd basically have to get lucky. You'll want to skip any that say "selvedge" if you want to keep that ultra light feel.
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I was in their store recently looking for the same thing. The young man who works there said they are out of stock, not discontinued and they'll call me when available .
Is there a Uniqlos store near you?

If they really are discontinued I'll be very upset. Those are the best jeans I've ever owned.
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I agree that Gap has some stuff that sounds like what you want. I'm 6' 7", so usually have to find 36" inseam - it could be worse ;)
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I tend to favor slim fit jeans as well. I haven't worn those specific Uniqlo ones, but your description makes them sound like the Levi 511 "Slim fit stretch denim" jeans I bought earlier this year and really, really like. Plenty of stretch without being too stretchy, and not too heavy.

It looks like they go up to a 36" waist X 36" inseam. Bonus: They make them in a number of colors, which is great when you like denim but want something that looks less casual than bog-standard blue.
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Ugh, sorry. My brain transposed 'slim' and 'skinny' when I read your question. But assuming they're made from the same stretch denim, maybe Levi 510s (skinny fit) are worth checking out.
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Look at the Banana Republic Travelers. The key with the Miracle Air jeans (which I also think are absolutely *great*) is the lightweight denim combined with poly and spandex. Jeans that are only a few percent spandex and no poly won't be the same. The Travelers are 79% cotton, 19% polyester, 2% polyurethane. I'm guessing the last material is spandex. The Miracle Airs are 81% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 2% Spandex, so really similar. I believe the Travelers are pretty slim, but don't know that for a fact.
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I got my 6'3" skinny, comfort-first partner into jeans he actually liked with the BR Travelers. I wish they made them in women's sizes too, because my skinnies tend to stretch out more after repeated wears than his do.
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Thanks everybody! I've ordered some Gap stretch jeans and the BR travelers to test out and will report back. The Levi 510s used to be my jeans of choice until I discovered Uniqlo -- they're a little less stretchy and magically light.
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Update! After trying on several different pairs from the Gap and BR, the winner was the BR Skinny Rapid Movement Rinse Wash- they had the best fit for what I was looking for. The BR travellers were too loose in the leg, though the denim did feel really nice. The Gap skinny jeans were also too loose in the leg for my preference. The Gap "super skinny" jeans were too skinny for me to feel comfortable wearing at work, though pretty comfortable.

Thanks for all your help! It really made online shopping much more pleasant. Hopefully Uniqlo brings back their miracle air jeans, they just announced their first Canadian location opening near me soon!

(Also, for anyone that's reading this, the Gap and Banana Republic sites will offer you 40% off coupons ALL THE TIME. Sign up and wait for a sale.)
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