Treating diastasis recti in New York
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Can anyone make a recommendation for a physical therapist to treat diastasis recti in New York City?

I would ideally like to see a therapist who has specific expertise in diastasis recti. If you know an excellent physical therapist for core injuries or women's health, that might work too.
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Renew Physical Therapy - Madison Avenue in the 30s. They specialize in post-partum care, including diastasis recti (DR can occur for other reasons, and Renew works with both men and women; you didn't specify if your DR is a result of pregnancy, but they can help you regardlesss). I have a significant diastasis from two pregnancies and found their treatments helpful. Unfortunately, my insurance didn't cover it and it was $$$ to pay out of pocket, but I did a bunch of sessions there and found them quite knowledgeable. Feel free to message me privately if you want. Good luck!
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