Is there a way to see what Twitter client someone tweeted from?
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Way back when Twitter used to display what client someone tweeted from, but that's no longer the case. I believe this information is available via the Twitter API, but for us layfolk is there an easy (ideally web-based) way to find this out for a given tweet?
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They removed this information from the Twitter web client. It is indeed available through the API, which means that there are third-party Twitter clients that show it. There's a million Twitter apps - the only one I know for sure shows is Tweetbot, but it's not free, and only exists for MacOs and iOS. (But it's pretty good)
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Tweetdeck (which is a web-based Twitter product not a third-party client, and is free) shows it. Just click on the tweet and it'll give you the details.
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Yep, Tweetdeck shows it. For Windows, I use an app called Tweeten that shows it (it's basically a standalone Tweetdeck app for Windows).
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