Vacation Rental for 35 in North East USA
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I am looking for a place to rent for 35 people for a week next summer. Requirements: * Not more than 2-3 hours from an airport * Near a lake, river, or ocean * Has a kitchen * Anywhere from Delaware, through Connecticut (including Pennsylvania and New York) - people will be coming from DC, NJ, Boston - ideally most could drive * Budget $10k. I looked on VRBO and Google but have not found much. Camping is not under consideration. Any ideas?
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There's a lot of vacation housing stock around Lake George. Have you looked there?
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By "has a kitchen" do you mean completely self-catering or are you open to a facility that has a dining hall type arrangement so long as there's some capacity for some people to prepare food?
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My experience recently is that everything is on Air BnB now. I'd try that next.
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Migis Lodge looks like the sort of thing you might like. Maine also has some 'family camps' that can accommodate large groups. They usually have a mix of individual cabins and group facilities.
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You might also try searching for a "retreat center" as these are sometimes rented out to assorted unaffiliated groups.
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Here's one in the Hudson Valley.

Here's one
in upstate NY with a pool.

There are tons on Airbnb all over.
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I was thinking of Migis Lodge as well. My in-laws used to live just a few miles from there and I used to know people who went there every summer with a large family group. Maybe a little further north than your original specification, but drivable distance from all the places you mention as well as being close to the airport in Portland.
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What about renting several houses in a row in a beach community? Outer Banks or Sandbridge section of Virginia Beach might suit. After rereading, I see you're looking for more North East, so what about Rehobeth Beach?
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Incarnation Conference Center, really convenient location in CT and beautiful property, with a lake and hiking trails and firepits.
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