How should I go about looking for acting jobs?
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I see Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Hulu, et al. putting more and more billions into original content every year. How do you suggest I begin looking for acting jobs in my area (central Florida)?

With all these content providers... providing content, I figure the market for actors is as hot as it's ever been in my lifetime. I've done some light stage acting over the years so I'm not completely green, but would also be happy with voice overs or other onscreen work.

I just have no idea where to begin or how to prepare other than get a decent head shot. What's the best way to begin looking for acting roles in the central Florida area? I am within an hour of Orlando, if it makes any difference.
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Try or and search for non-union jobs, since I assume you are not in a union?
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So, here in Cincinnati, we have a listserv called Behind the Curtain. It lists upcoming auditions, mostly to stage but sometimes for other things. There might be something like that where you are. My daughter was signed by a (legitimate) talent agency and they send her on auditions all the time, including for voiceover work, plus we get subscriptions to a lot of the casting websites around the country.
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Search "audition" and the name of the cities you're looking to work in.

By looking at the local listings you'll also be able to figure out what companies handle extras, usually that's a dedicated company supplying extras on contract to productions. You usually go in and get listed with them and then get access to their casting portal.

You may also want to find out how people get production assistant jobs in your area. I suspect a lot of these productions aren't strictly union, or union at all, and there's probably staffing agencies handling grips and runners and stuff. Getting on set and making friends is a good foot in the door.
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If you are looking for film work, you'd have to get to know regional casting directors.
And check out the various casting call sites
Green Room Orlando
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Sometimes real auditions show up under "Gigs" > "Talent" in Craigslist, but prepare to filter out all the porn, the "be an extra, just send us money to find out how!" and "we're casting a vague but awesome reality TV show!" ads. Legit ones generally list production company, website, director, and/or actual dates and locations. They're usually poor indie productions, but actually do produce something eventually.
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Find the independent film community so you can get some experience! Some communities use Facebook groups to communicate. Some have forums or websites. I would also recommend connecting with the local film schools and ask how to find their audition listings. Working with students is an excellent way to get film experience and build up a reel, which will help you when you're trying to book paid gigs.

Another good place to start is with acting classes. You will meet other actors and you can ask them how they network and find gigs. On-screen acting classes are great because the actors will be more film-focused and less theater-focused.
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I know this is late, but thank you all for the answers! I actually forgot that I asked this question, in a fit of dissatisfaction with my current job. You've given me direction, and hope! Thank you again!
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