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I am looking for kitchen dry good storage that meets the following:

- 9-10 inches long (This is key as it will be most efficient for our cabinets; I already have a few solutions that are adequate but don't meet this one condition)
- stackable
- sealable/airtight
- contents at least somewhat visible (clear or opaque)
- 1 - 1.5 quarts (4-6 cups) volume
- available online or locally in stores in the US
- either glass or plastic is fine

They do not have to be freezer-safe or microwavable.

This is about the dimensions I'm looking for, but I don't like the appearance, and they're relatively expensive.

I like these but they are only about 8 inches long.
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(Posted too soon so adding: Thanks!)
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I keep my dry goods in the wide mouth square PET canisters that our local firm Hoyts supplies its sun-dried tomatoes and stuffed olives in. Hard to beat the price of something that would otherwise be turfed into the recycling, and being square, they make efficient use of shelf space.

Not obvious from that photo is that they have inbuilt indents for very easy one-handed gripping. They're similar in material and design to these storage jars from Pride Of India, just with a less annoying shoulder.

About the only downside I've found with these is that they don't like getting hot. If you put them in your dishwasher, it will shrink them to death.

Perhaps you could find something similar to fit your cabinets?
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If you don't mind them being just above 6 cups, these containers from Lock & Lock might work.
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I really like these. Note that they're also Rubbermaid, but they look slightly different from the ones you posted and are significantly cheaper.
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Also--the link I posted is for a multipack but I've been able to buy them separately as well and, especially for the smaller containers, they're pretty inexpensive ($4-5, tops?).
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Thanks all. The other rubbermaid looks pretty promising!
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Just wanted to chime in and say I asked a similar question about storage for pantry staples last year.

Folks recommended those modular Rubbermaid containers that lucky.jakobs recommends, and I ended up liking them a lot.

I started with the 4-size variety pack, but for my needs, the 10-cup and 5-cup are most useful, so you might want to grab an extra 2-pack or 4-pack of those sizes.
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