What's up with the cars parking on the off-ramps?
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So here's a stumper. In the mid-80's or so I drove south down I-5 to LA to meet up with I-10 and go from there to Phoenix. All along the southern part of I-5 there were cars parked along the sides of the off-ramps, tons of cars. All I could think of was that maybe there was such a huge population that this really was actual broken down or abandoned cars waiting to be towed or something, but does anyone know what was really up with that? There were a lot of them and they were on every single off-ramp.
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Car Pooling?
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How far south? Before the Grapevine or in LA County on the other side of the mountains?

North of the mountains my guess would be agricultural workers.
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Ad hoc P&R's.
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If you're talking about near the 5-10 junction, it's possible there had been an especially trafficky + hot + smoggy day the day before or early that day, and those were abandoned overheats left either to be towed or revisited with water canisters.

Alternately, if it was near a sports venue or this was during the Olympics, it may have just been creative parking.
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You probably drove through a movie. I would start by watching all the disaster pics from that period to see if you recognize your car as an extra.
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Are there carpool restrictions on the highway? Here in DC you see cars lined up on the shoulder because they got to the restricted lanes 5 or 10 minutes before the carpool only restriction is listed. So they park (illegally) and wait for 6:30 PM to hit.
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You see this near airports, free parking while waiting for a flight to arrive and their friend to get through baggage claim..
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I don't know the reason for it but can confirm it - I have the same memories from my dad picking me up in San Berdnardino and taking the 10 south.
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