Writing revision for language learning
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I'd like to find a language teacher or service who will do what the now-shuttered site Lang-8 did: namely, let me submit journal-sized writings (say, a hundred or couple of hundred words) on a regular basis and have them corrected/revised. I'd rather pay someone with some experience than depend on dubious free/crowdsources services. Is this a thing? Any recommendations for how to find what I'm looking for?

There are a few languages of specific interest for me (German, Hungarian, Russian), but general-purpose recommendations are also welcome and even recommendations for other specific languages might be useful.
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Wait, is Lang-8 gone? I just logged into my account and everything looks normal, with entries posted today...
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They do not allow new signups.
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iTalki is pretty similar to Lang-8 - and they also have lots of paid teachers available through the site. (I have only used the free service, which is great for my needs.)

You could also post something on MeFi Jobs.
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