This water was made for walking
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I am supposed to walk in a pool. Any recommendations for a public pool where I can do so in NYC (particularly downtown Manhattan/Brooklyn)? Extra points if it's near some type of transit. Many thanks.
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If you are moving in a constant forward motion and not running into people, you are welcome in the slow lane at lap swim and at general swim. The city's recreation centers have pretty nice pools, many indoors, and access is $150 (or less for seniors, veterans, etc) per year. I've been swimming in several and there's frequently people doing aqua-jogging or aqua-walking in the slow lane. Sometimes they have their own class meeting for that.

Check if there's a YMCA near you. They are more expensive but can be more welcoming to people doing adaptive exercise like water walking.
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There's a city rec center in the West Village with a pool. Not too far from the A and the 1.
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Try the pool at E. 147th st. and Convent Ave.
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The McBurney YMCA on 14th St has a pool with dedicated times for water jogging.
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There's the Pop-Up Pool in Brooklyn Heights. I think you can only be there for a 45-minute stint, but super convenient.
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Also the Y in Williamsburg has a pool, on Bedford and Metropolitan. And, of course, there's McCarren Pool, which is kinda close-ish to the G.
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The St. John's Rec Center is about 6 blocks away from the Utica stop on the 3/4 train in Brooklyn. Requires a Park & Rec membership. The slow lane is perfectly fine for walking.
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Haven't been myself, but have heard great things about the Roosevelt Island pool, easily accessible on the F train.
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The Dodge Y on Atlantic near Court St. in Brooklyn has a pool, and at least one lane is always reserved for water jogging. It is $73 a month, plus an initial membership fee, I believe.

You could hit the Double D pool in the park at Douglass and Third in Brooklyn. Free, while it's still open for the season, but you NEED to bring a lock (I believe that is true of all NYC-run pools) even if you don't plan on using a locker. It's a few blocks from the R at Union St. or any train at Atlantic Ave.
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There's a great pool at Grand and South St in Manhattan.
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Thanks, everyone! The McBurney and Dodge Ys sound the most viable for me but all the suggestions are great. I will report back to the thread once I try out a pool.
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Because of Reasons I have not gone in the pool yet but I visited McBurney and it seems like just what I will need. Thanks, snickerdoodle!
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