Sinus cyst
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Anyone here has a sinus cyst? It was seen a couple of years back in a X-ray panoramic of my teeth and now I have an appointment to see an ENT because I am feeling some pressure Did they take yours out? How was the surgery? How big was yourcysy? Did you have any symptoms?
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I have a very large single cyst in one of my sinuses that showed up on a dental x-ray about 3 years ago. It was large enough that it really freaked out my dentist, who had never seen one so big. I went to an ENT who determined it was harmless and I was prescribed dexamethasone for a couple of weeks followed up by flonase to see if the cyst could be dislodged. I have no idea what that would have been like as it didn't budge, but the Dr said to only consider having it removed surgically if it really bothered me. I decided to just get used to it. The only symptom I've really had is that that side of my head feels a little heavier? That's not even the right word, it's more a general sensation that it is there, and it's much more noticeable when I have a cold. That's my experience anyway.
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