Best wellness/spa vacation by the ocean in October?
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My husband and I can not take vacation at the same time this year and decided to travel separately. I haven't done much traveling so this feels slightly overwhelming and scary. I’ve decided on the last week in October for around 4 or 5 days max. My ideal vacation is on the ocean, and some of the wellness/yoga/spa packages look really appealing.

I’m ok with some woo but not too much. Either way I don’t want to socialize much - a mostly solitaire stay with some yoga and massage sounds perfect. Ive been looking at Tulum, Mexico and St. Lucia but just realized that is hurricane season. Is this even possible at this time of year? I’ll be flying out of Newark, NJ and don’t want to fly more than 6 hours ideally.

Where do I go for a relaxing, sunny, beautiful, tasty vacation towards the end of October that’s 6 hours max away from Newark airport?
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We stayed at a nice all-inclusive in Puerto Vallarta last year. It's on the Pacific so hurricanes are less of an issue than on the Atlantic side.
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I went solo to the Body Holiday on Saint Lucia last October. It was wonderful, 1 included 1 hour spa treatment per day, unlimited yoga, fitness classes, all inclusive very nice meals and beverages, beautiful beach and grounds, lovely room. The weather was gorgeous, a few light showers at night but each day bright and sunny. You can socialize as much or as little as you like. I flew out of Toronto and I think the flight was less than 6 hours direct, I would go again.
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