Is this a bed bug?
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Is this a bed bug? Link to flickr album: It seems to match a lot of descriptions I've found online. Unfortunately I did squish it due to freaking out which apparently doesn't help with ID'ing.
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Nope. Congrats! (based on the lack of ridges.)
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I'd disagree with acidic. We're seeing it on its back in at least two of the photos, it was squished pre-photograph, and the photos aren't close enough to accurately depict ridges if they were there. It also seems to have the right number of legs and they're in the correct places.

It's the color and size of an apple seed -- matching characteristics for bedbugs. THe lack of ridges -- if indeed it doesn't have them -- could be due to it being a nymph or imago.

I'm sorry. I hope you've caught them early. Check for the best advice.
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Hmm well another factor is that the tail-like thing sticking out of the end (at the 3.5 mark on the ruler) is not something I've ever seen on a bedbug. Unless that's a leg that has been very contorted by the squishing.

Anyway if you are still concerned then maybe try looking through a magnifying glass or catching some more; you can buy plastic traps to put under your bed legs.
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Ahhhh, I will tell my landlord and at least hopefully get a pest control person to come and investigate. The squishing probably didn't help. I found it in a chest of drawers. I haven't seen any other signs EXCEPT that I do have one bite on my lower back, which could very well be a mosquito bite but..... I think it's better to be cautious. :(
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It’s some kind of small beetle. Bed bugs are basically flat, or at least don’t have that kind of rounded back, and they don’t have clubbed antennae. And they have ridges across their backs which would be visible in these photos.
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Basically, nothing about it looks right apart from the size and colour.
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I would say no. Bedbugs aren't rounded like that. Squishing it may have helped in the ID, too. Think back to the squish test you administered. How did it squish? Bedbugs are completely soft (completely nasty) and when you squish them there is no resistance. Most beetles have a crunchy carapace which resists squishing. So: crunchy = non bedbug, soft & squooshy = bedbug. (Almost impossible to break = flea or tick but that's not what you've got here, I'm including them for SCIENCE. )
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Maybe Attagenus brunneus?
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Not meaning to threadsit but an update for clarification and/or posterity - I don't recall one way or the other whether it crunched or not (I "lightly" squished...). Definitely rounded, I thought at first it was a small ladybug, and comparing to pictures and videos online that looks different. No blood when it squished but it did ooze a little white-ish stuff.

Thanks for all the answers.
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Yeah no, bedbugs are super super flat and when they're round, it's because they're full of blood, which comes out immediately when you squish it. No white stuff.
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I think thats some kind of small beetle.
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Agree it looks like a beetle, not a bedbug.
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