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Eclipse viewing in St. Joe, MO, Monday; a free day in KC Tuesday--where do we find the best BBQ? Question absolutely certain to spark turf wars over what's "best", and of course that's part of the whole fun of BBQ culture--fire away!

Other food/fun options welcomed too. Viewing with super-cool, super-smart teenaged daughter.
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I traveled to KC on business many years ago. I have seriously considered a return vacation there just to eat at Jack Stack's.
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I was there last year with some college buddies for a weekend reunion. Somebody went and picked up some 'Que from some "famous" place, I didn't really pay attention where. The brisket (I think!) was sliced really thinly like deli meat and even sort of laid out in the box like charcuterie. Is this a KC "thing"? I didn't particularity like it, but I was also somewhat confused by it (and, to be honest, several drinks in--see, "college buddies", supra). Ring any bells? Is this something I should try again with a clearer head, or just move on...?
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Hit up Joe's KC BBQ (formerly Oklahoma Joes) and have a Z-man (brisket, provolone, and an onion ring) and fries. Be sure to share the fries, you do not want an order per person. Most places that serve brisket do not cut it paper thin, so avoid if you see that.
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If you can go only one place, I would go to Joe's. I've been to all of them and Joe's is the one I always take visitors to. Go to the original one in the gas station for the full authentic experience. But the food is identical in the other two locations.

Q39 is a second option. The BBQ is really good and the atmosphere is definitely a little trendier. But Joe's is the place.
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I liked Gates best of the ones I tried in KC (though I have not made an exhaustive comparison, and did not have a chance to try Joe's.)
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There are many great BBQ places in KC, but Joe's is the right choice. And get some burnt ends.
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All of the places listed in Roadfood are good; nthing getting burnt ends....also a lime freeze at winsteads.
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Semi-eponysterical answer! As a KC native who's tried all of these places, I can assure you that Joe's is by far the best. Anthony Bourdain agrees: "It's the best barbecue in Kansas City, which makes it the best barbecue in the world."
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Joe's. Go to the original location on W 47th. It's in a gas station! Also, burnt ends? Don't listen to these fools ;) Pulled pork all the way.
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Joe's is generally my favorite answer here. I'm roughly a 5 minute walk away from the original, and have become a frequent flier. The burnt ends are great, but not available on Tuesdays. If you're hell-bent on Joe's, I'd say get the ribs and brisket. If you're wanting burnt ends on Tuesday (and you should) then I'd head over to the original Arthur Bryant's.
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Neicy's soul food has pig ear sandwiches, which are both slimy and crunchy.
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We just went to Joe's on the strength of its recommendations here, and weren't disappointed. Decided to avoid the controversy of whether to get burnt ends or pulled pork, and decided to get both... Good life choices.

But what the natives failed to mention is that you can avoid the line by calling ahead and placing your order and getting it to go. With a line that may be an hour long, it's worth it to call ahead and skip the line.
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