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Looking for games I can play on my macbook that are like the ios games I like that basically boil down to like putting shapes into the right place, connecting shapes together, etc kind of like the same brainspace as knitting. But I'm only finding narrative, role-playing, choose your own adventure type games.

I just want a list of games that I can try out where I don't have to read anything and there's no narrative or characters and I can just point and click on stuff. The Mac App store seems to push that style heavily and I'm tired of looking through a bunch of stuff I'm never going to want. Google didn't help either. Thanks!
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* also no sound
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If you search for puzzle games, you might get better results.

One game that seems to fit the bill if you have Chrome is Entanglement.
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Mini Metro
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You may be having some trouble because in the gaming context, "point and click" is actually a reference to a specific type of adventure game. You might have better luck searching for games that are described as "puzzle", as noted, or specifically "casual" games. But the selection is likely to be better on mobile because mobile actually tends to be better at this sort of interface. Sorry I can't help with specific recommendations since this isn't really my genre, but I hope that might help with the looking.
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I wasn't searching for that just trying to describe the vibe. Searching for puzzle games just gave me more narrative stuff.
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You could try Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection.
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Oh, and Hexcells Infinite is terrific and exactly fits your description.
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I'm very hooked on Conceptis Puzzles which I play on my MacBook Air. They are browser games so you need to be connected to the internet to download and save them.
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Joining Hands 2. I played the original Joining Hands and loved it, so I assume the sequal is just as good. It's not quite the same brain space as knitting, later puzzles get really clever, but it is literally putting shapes in the right place.

Maybe you also like time management games like Diner Dash. There's only a flimsy storyline and it's basically put the right shape in the right spot.
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Sokoban. Boomshine. Bloxorz (there are instructions, but click thru them and play a while before you decide if you need them).
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LOVING Joining Hands 2 so far, it's perfect. Thanks so much. Will try out the rest next!
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