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I'm going to get a Nintendo Switch setup for my family: two grownups, one seven-year-old and one four-year-old. Help me get everything I need! Budget isn't an issue, I just don't know what to buy.

So far my shopping list looks like this:
Nintendo Switch console
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
A pair of extra Joy-Cons
Four Joy-Con Wheel accessories
Venom Switch Screen Protector and Controller Case

What am I missing? Please recommend practical things and fun things.
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Best answer: I really like the Pro Controller. It's much more comfortable for me to hold than the Joy-Cons attached to the grip, and the battery lasts a really long time. I'd also suggest getting the Zelda Expansion Pass. If you plan on taking the Switch out on long flights, long car rides, etc., you also might think about getting a battery pack. I'm going to get one for overseas flights, but I haven't chosen one yet.
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Best answer: The joy-cons charge when they are attached to the console, so with extra joy-cons, you'll probably want a joy-con charger.
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Best answer: A USB charger cable (I think it's just a plain USB-C cable?) for when you're travelling. It just charges out of a standard USB charger. You only need the dock to connect it to a TV so no need to take that travelling.
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Best answer: The best chargers use the USB-power delivery protocol - a standard USB charger might only trickle charge and take a long time.

It's not out yet, but Nyko is making a portable dock that includes a charger. I plan to get one for traveling.

Seconding a charging grip or stand for the 2nd joycon pair, I don't have one and it's a mild annoyance to keep track of which ones have been charging on the Switch and which might be low on battery.

Also seconding the pro controller - it's a lovely piece of kit. The joycon sticks can be gotten used to, but for longer spells the size and comfort of the pro con is much better. The d-pad is better on the pro con too, if you plan on playing games like the excellent Sonic Mania.
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Best answer: I have the pro controller, and it's great, but if you want to travel with the Switch these 8bitdo controllers are really nice and portable... they're small and the shoulder buttons are placed a bit awkwardly, but they're really well made and work with iOS and android devices. I played Shovel Knight on Switch and then Half Life 2 on Shield tablet for hours on a recent plane ride. Plus, you can get two for the price of one pro controller.

If these look interesting and you're not in a rush, you might want to wait for the SNESpro, which is coming this holiday season... it includes motion controls and looks like it'll be more comfortable to use.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, great advice. We're all having a blast with multiplayer Mario Kart, and I'm losing track of time playing Zelda... Lovely little console :-)
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