Vegan meals that are nut-free?
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Hello. I have a dear friend that will be visiting and she is sensitive to nuts and identifies as a vegan solely. I am wondering if there are vegan dishes to make that are nut free and filling? She said she can eat hemp seeds and sesame seeds; if that contributes to anything. I am sensitive to certain pastas, so we will have to balance out what will work out for the two of us. Any filling recipes to make?

Perhaps something with avocado and a spiralizer machine to make things? Beans? Tacos? Tofu? Any ideas would be heavily appreciated. Thank-you!
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I think lentils are very filling. I've made this soup for a vegan friend and we both loved it (obviously I swapped out the butter could use coconut oil or olive oil). This lentil salad is also delicious if it isn't soup weather where you live.
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There are lots of curries (both Indian and Thai) that can be vegan. Coconut milk always give you a rich base.
Mushroom stroganoff can be made everything-free and still be hearty.
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vegetarian chili is inherently vegan as long as you don't put cheese or sour cream on it, and it's very filling and delicious. Top with diced avocado and cilantro and minced red onion.
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The everyday yellow dal on this page is delicious over rice or another grain (it also freezes really well). Sub out Earth Balance or another vegan margarine for the butter at the end and it's totally vegan.
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Ratatouille served over quinoa, rice, or other grain (or just on its own). Is it hot where you are? Gazpacho is a nice summer choice, served with big slices of crusty bread. It's easy to fancy both of these simple dishes up with a tasty olive oil and fresh herbs. You say you're sensitive to certain pastas--does that mean gluten-containing ones? If not, now's a good time to buy (or make) some seitan, a very meat-like product that's made by rinsing the water-soluble starches out of wheat flour, leaving the proteins behind. We make a lot of dishes like meatball sandwiches and grilled veggie-seitan skewers out of it, and you can season it however you wish. And, honestly, most vegans in my universe are thrilled with grilled veggies as a side dish. It's the middle of summer and produce is perfect where I live. Is it like that in your neck of the woods? Go to the market, ask them what's perfectly in season, see if they have recipes to recommend and go nuts.
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Soba noodles w veggies, tofu and tahini-lime dressing.
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I made a really simple dish,
Sautee onions and garlic, with basil, cumin
Add one can of organic black beans rinsed
Organic diced tomatoes with basil
One larger can white hominy
one cup pre-cooked Thai red cargo rice
Salt with minimum soy sauce or spike
add a little tabasco.

add one more can of organic diced tomatoes if it is not soupy enough.

There are many things that can go in this, red peppers, celery, but the hominy add a chewiness that is very pleasant, and great fiber. I liked this dish, it ended up large, and I froze 4 single serving containers of it. It is really easy to assemble.
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Black beans and quinoa! Lots of recipes out there.
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Tonight for dinner, we had Barilla Spaghetti & Vegetables. You can substitute a pasta that's OK for you (we had gemilli). Also substitute for the dried cheese on top. Feel free to substitute other veggies. We had yellow squash, red bell pepper, carrot, green beans, and the asparagus. Omitted the tomato.
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Does she like Indian food? Aloo Beingan over rice is very filling. That with a lentil dish like katie suggested (maybe dal soup) would be a great meal.
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I'd do a vegan saag paneer.
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I make chickpea tacos a lot. Cook an onion and some garlic in some oil, add 2 cans of chickpeas, taco seasoning (packet or equivalent homemade), mash everything up a little, add some lime juice, salt (if you are using storebought seasoning it probably won't need it). Serve with tortillas and All The Taco Fixings. Vegan cheese/sour cream if you want, otherwise these great with avocado slices.
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There's a great black bean/avocado/baked sweet potato recipe in Oh She Glows Everyday which is really filling. Here's a similar version that has nuts as a garnish, just leave those out.
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I find the Oh She Glows recipes to be really reliable and yummy. She has a collection of Nut Free Vegan Recipes and if you go to the top right under Allergies you can also find recipes with a Nut Free Option.
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Chickpeas, olives, a ripe tomato, some snipped up chives and you have a quick filling cold salad ready as quickly as you can open some cans and dice the tomato.

Porridge with fruit for breakfast is good. Tahini can be added to the porridge in lieu of milk, if there are no milk substitutes and you want some creaminess without adding tree nuts like almonds.

Make a vegan soup with lots of different ingredients after stopping at your en vrac (bulk store) to buy small quantities of different things like barley and red lentils and miso and the farmers market to get fresh vegetables. Begin by caramelizing onions in olive oil or whatever vegan oil you already have.

Several vegans that I know are absolutely fed up with spicy dishes because in order to compensate for a perceived lack of savoriness, the manufacturers throw in tons of spiciness.

You will need to make sure there is enough oil in the recipes to make them filling enough. It they just have starch and protein and texture and vitamins that will not be enough. Some of the filling attributes will come from the calories in the oil. You may want to find out what she uses for oil and get that. Don't forget to try things like making a baked sweet potato dish with sugar and oil on top - not just for the flavouring, but again, the sugar and oil made into caramel under the broiler makes the dish filling. You can't use marshmallows because they have gelatin, or butter, but brown sugar works.

Do use the sesame seeds, they make nice texture in things, and because she is not getting any dairy products she could be calcium deficient. She probably isn't if she eats a wide range of things, but people often fall into eating a convenient six or seven dishes, so making sure she is getting sesame seeds for the calcium in them is a good idea.

In lieu of filling don't forget that frequent snacks work too. There is nothing wrong with spending the day happily grazing on grapes and corn chips if the effects of the soup don't last.
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Make a salad out of quinoa, black beans, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cucumber -- dress it with olive oil, lime, cumin, cayenne, salt (or whatever other spices you like). Add avocado on top if you like!

Press firm tofu to get the water out, cut into cubes or triangles, dip in corn starch, and pan fry until golden on each side -- then add sauce made out of soy sauce, sriracha, lime juice, and brown sugar and cook in the sauce for a bit to let it absorb. Serve with brown rice and green beans!

I also love this lentil soup recipe I got from a comment here on a different vegan recipe thread.
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Oh -- I also really like to make taco filling with soyrizo! Fry an onion (maybe garlic too), add in a tube of soyrizo (I like Trader Joe's brand) and fry it, then add in a can of black beans and heat through. Serve on corn or flour tortillas with hot sauce or salsa and a diced avocado.
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Chana masala, rice, and a side of fresh vegetables - cut up avocado, cucumber, carrots, some stuff like that. You can do a similar fruit plate for dessert or go with a sorbet.
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This beets and tofu stir fry is vegan and super filling, especially if you serve it over your rice or your favorite soba/ramen/rice noodles.

I recommend this in every question about vegan recipes, but this spicy sofritas veggie bowl is really delicious and as long as you leave out any cheese or sour cream toppings, is vegan.
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I own a cheap spiralizer and use it a LOT. My household has not been eating traditional pasta for several months, and we don't miss it at all. My single small complaint is that this cheapo's suction cups don't always stick so well to the countertop it is set upon, maybe take a closer look at how the feet hold it down when you're choosing one.

Also, this zucchini pad thai recipe is so delicious. Just leave out the 1/2c. almonds entirely, or omit them from friend's portion.
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There are so many great ideas above, so I won't add recipes but more a thought about meals. In vegan cultures, and cultures where vegetables play the main part, there is often a tradition of presenting many separate dishes that each enhance one or two flavors. It can seem stressful, but if you engage your friends in the cooking process, it's also very nice. Lots of dishes can be prepared ahead.
An example is starting with a meze of different vegan snacks and then having an aubergine based main. Or a tofu meal, with miso soup, and several types of cooked and pickled vegs along with different preparations of tofu all served at once but inspiring a long meal. There are examples of this across the globe.
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I had misir wot and brown rice for tea tonight (too lazy to make injera), and am now stuffed.

I often make this fennel and lemon risotto (substitute olive oil for butter, and leave out the parmesan - it's one of the few risottos that doesn't need it).

I wasn't quite sure from your question whether it is some pastas that you can't eat, or some specific sauces. I'm going to assume that there are some pasta brands that you can eat, and that you have access to them. DH makes a great vegetarian puttanesca - he doesn't follow a recipe but it's basically this without the anchovies. Again, just don't put the parmesan on top. It isn't integral to the dish.

And yes, an amazing breakfast will absolutely blind people to an unexciting lunch or dinner. Some vegans do eat honey, some (ok, most) don't. If your friend does eat it, tahini and honey on toast is the most amazing thing in the world for breakfast. Spectacularly good, like peanut butter on toast but infinitely better. If she doesn't eat honey you could try agave or maple syrup, I imagine it would still be pretty delicious.

Failing that, porridge with sliced banana, grated dark chocolate, seed sprinkles and agave syrup is literally sold in Leon (UK fast food place) as "Porridge of the Gods". You'll have to check the dark chocolate, but most of the good stuff is vegan.
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I am not vegan, but have friends who are and I made this Orange Pan-glazed Tempeh recipe for a dinner party. The vegans pronounced it one of the nicest tempeh recipes they ever had and dang was it filling. I served with red rice and broccoli and we were able to continue eating it for 2 more days, because 2 pieces a serving was plenty, it was that filling.

Are you ok with udon? Works just as nice as egg noodles in a stir fry and vegan and possibly more filling as they are thicker.
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