ISO metal and movie soundtracks for weightlifting!
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AskMe is great for workout music recommendations (spinning, running, intervals). I'd love to find some good weightlifting music, which for me means mostly epic, bombastic, and metal-ish -- but all kinds are welcome!

I've found that some soundtrack music works amazingly well for me personally -- like the main theme to "Pacific Rim", and the Brothers in Arms sequence from "Mad Max: Fury Road" -- as does metal along the lines of Slayer or Gojira's "The Heaviest Matter of the Universe". But I'd love to open this up to anything that works for you for fighting gravity! Thanks --
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When you decide to lift weights for over four hours, here's an epic Two Steps From Hell playlist.
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It might not be metal enough for you, but I love M83's soundtrack to Oblivion!
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You might like the xxfitness reddit's Angry Lifting playlist. (Their sidebar has a bunch of other playlists, too.)
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D.I.Y. by KMFDM is awesome for deadlift day.
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When I must rage against the petit weights I'm lifting, I listen to Gallows - hardcore punk with metalesque death howls.
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Consider bands such as Pelican (instrumental metal). Here's their track "Deny The Absolute" (slyt) from their album "Forever Becoming."
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How about some Queens of the Stone Age and/or Them Crooked Vultures?
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I always listen to a mix of electro-industrial and Neue Deutsche Härte: Die Krupps, Front Line Assembly, Rammstein, KMFDM, Combichrist, Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much! This is all new to me, and excellent -- y'all are the best.
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Takes a few seconds to get rolling, but Jesus Built My Hotrod from Ministry is always a good kick for me.
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My current metal/hardcore exercise playlist includes the following songs that might work for you:

Sex Murder Art - Slayer
Jesus Extract - Sleepytime Trio
Blue Note - Swing Kids
The Deadly Rhythm - Refused
Sky - Shotmaker
Hollywood Squares - Dillinger Escape Plan
The Static Cult - Mohinder
Synaptic Plasticity - Blotted Science
CAFO - Animals as Leaders
Golden Brown - Drive Like Jehu
I Liner - Crimson Curse
Moral Eclipse - Cave In
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You are me! This is my battle music.

Another Fallen Brother // TYR
Hold the Heathen Hammer High! // TYR
By the Sword in My Hand //TYR

Sanctus Dominus // Powerwolf
Army of the Night // Powerwolf
Extatum et Oratum // Powerwolf

Sparta // Sabaton
Carolus Rex // Sabaton
Primo Victoria! // Sabaton
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