What Else to Listen to?
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I like to listen to DJ mixes but am not great and finding new music to listen to. I have been following the Essential Mix each week this year and saving what I like on Soundcloud. Please help me find new things to listen to.

I listen to the below mixes regularly:

Above and Beyond 2004, 2011 and the latest live one from Ibiza - Comfort listening
Ben Pearce 13/05/17
Wilkinson 04/0/17 (but not his older one) - This is currently my favourite
DJ Pierre 06/01/17
Flux Pavillion 2012
Kaskade 2017 - Second favourite
Paul Oakenfold - World Tour Essential Mixes + Urban Soundtracks. Don't like the Goa mix.
Knife Party 2011 (live in Ibiza) - I just love this music although I could pass on the lyrics.

I lean towards the pop size of EDM (I think) and would like specific mix/ set recommendations. I've tried listening to individual tracks by these djs but find they don't have the same feel although Knife Party comes close. I have also listened to Above and Beyond's radio show as well as A State of Trace but don't find them interesting. If you can help me define the specific genres I like that would be awesome as I don't really understand all the different subcategories.

I have Soundcloud, Spotify and the BBC iPlayer.
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I just came across this site last week: gnoosic.com.

"It will ask you what music you like and then think about what you might like too."

So, you enter bands/artists you like and it spits out similar artists.
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DJs The Illuminoids had a great mix show several years ago called Illumination Radio. I'd do a search for that.
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Jamz Supernova on 1extra is a go to for me. She obviously invests a significant amount of time in discovering new music.

This article on GQ has a great run down on how different groups of people find fresh music.
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