Best Hugo short story anthology?
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What's the best anthology of Hugo Award-winning short stories? I'm less interested in Hugo-winning novelletes and novellas, and the collections I'm seeing from a short Amazon search seem to include these rather than just short stories. ('There is no such thing - you're stuck with a mixture of all three' is a totally fine answer.)
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This is an imperfect answer because Hugo-Award-winning is *not* the selection criteria, but Dozois's Best of the Best has a ton of winners and nominees and is my favorite multi-author short story collection maybe ever. (Compare to the list of nominees and winners.)

Also, the SF Encyclopedia's list of Hugo-related anthologies is probably a useful place to start. It does not appear from that that shorts-only anthologies were ever a thing (and the Dozois contains some novelettes and maybe novellas, although most of the longer stuff is in the Best of the Best vol. 2.)
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What restless_nomad said. A Hugos-only collection would miss a lot of very good short stories. Dozois's books are *big* but worth it.
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Thanks! Yes, I was actually just looking for a book of awesome sci-fi short stories and figured the Hugo would be a good filter.
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