best ticket price from NYC to Grand Bahama Island?
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Best price from a NYC airport to Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island. Going with a few friends to the Bahamas from March 18-25, 2006. Any suggestions on where to find the cheapest flight? I wish JetBlue flew to Freeport instead of just Nassau but we have a free place to stay (resort) in Freeport. Not sure of where to any ideas would be great. And if you have suggestions on what we should check out on GBI (away from the touristy resort crap and the spring breakers..)
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Kayak strives to be an all-inclusive hotel and flight website aggregator, and it has a spiffy interface.

See just about everyone's offerings there.
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Kayak is great, but I find to be better for international travel deals.
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I think your mistake is in wanting a direct flight. You need to do some kind of NYC-Miami-Freeport connection, or even NYC-Nassau-Freeport, or NYC-Ft. Lauderdale-Freeport. Any good travel agent can do this up for you, but it shouldn't be hard to do on your own.
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Sagres—I was under the impression that Kayak searched

Searching for NYC to FPO on
Results Found At
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