How to convert a pdf to an image
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I have a pdf document that I'd like to convert into an image. The document contains a lot of text, so I think .png would be the best format. I've tried a few online services (like, but the fonts seem to get messed up in the conversion. Is there some way to do this that will reliably convert the document?
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I'd go extremely simple with this and use Win10's screen clipper function.
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Do you have Adobe Acrobat, or just Adobe's PDF reader? If you have Acrobat, you can do File>Export to>Image, and it will give you the option of image file format.
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If you just have Acrobat Reader, you can use Edit>Take a snapshot.
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If you're on osx, you can hit cmd+shift 4 and you'll get some nice crosshairs to drag across whatever you'd like you take a snapshot of. I believe the default filetype is a .png.
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If you have a Mac, Preview will also let you save as or export to a variety of file formats. Depending what you want it for, screen capture (and combining images if it's multiple pages) may be the best option.
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Are all the fonts embedded in the document? If not, zamzar will have to substitute.

If you have Linux or Mac OS + Homebrew, pdftoppm from the poppler package will turn every page of a PDF into nice anti-aliased images with:
pdftoppm -png -aa yes -aaVector yes infile.pdf base
producing base-01.png, producing base-02.png, … at 150 dpi. You can choose different resolutions and page selections. Here's pdftoppm's rendition of the first page of the front page (via WeasyPrint): mefi-01.
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Did you try I had success with this recently, using the higher-resolution option.
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