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I am in the process of overhauling my skincare game and the one missing piece is a lightweight, mid-price moisturizer for hot weather. It doesn't need to have SPF, as I have a separate sunscreen. Fragile orchid skin details within.

For years now I've been using a drugstore-brand SPF moisturizer (like Oil of Olay or similar) and not much else on my face. Recently, though, it seems that all my old standbys break me out and turn my face into an oil slick -- especially under makeup. I have combination skin, on the sensitive side nowadays.

My new sunscreen (Missha Sun Milk, SPF 50) is *wonderful* in terms of sun protection and it's not oily at all. But now I have the opposite problem - if I want to wear makeup, which happens occasionally, it leaves my skin too dry for good blending.

What lightweight moisturizer might I try that would be somewhere in the middle? Bonus for something I could wear either over or under the Sun Milk.

Current routine, for reference: single cleanse, toner, an ampoule (only on breakout days or hangovers, really...), a serum, [missing moisturizer!] and the Sun Milk. Occasional sheet masks in the mix.

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What about a silicone-based makeup primer on top of the sunscreen? It will make it easy to blend makeup without adding oil. I have oily-combination skin and that's my solution, I use the ordinary high-adherence silicone primer after sunscreen.
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I like CeraVe PM (PM just means that it doesn't have sunscreen like the AM version does). It's available at the drugstore, and great for sensitive skin.
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I can't speak to the makeup bit because I rarely wear anything besides lipstick, but my usual routine with matte Japanese sunscreens is to layer Cerave PM underneath. I've tried lots of more expensive moisturizers and still come back to this one. Note that it's a very different product from the Cerave AM, which contains SPF but I don't particularly recommend it.
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I would also recommend CeraVe moisturizers! Very good for my sensitive skin.
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Nthing CereVe PM. It's an excellent light moisturizer. And also agree that CereVe AM is not so great. It had a kinda gross, thick consistency; I used half the bottle and gave it the old heave-ho.
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Cerave PM is my favorite. It helps seal in my hydrating toner and provides a good base before my sunscreen.
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I came in to say Cerave PM and am joining the chorus, apparently! My skin is dryish but tends to get oily and breakout-y if I wash without moisturizing. Cerave PM does a great job and I see a noticeable difference when I am using it vs. skipping it.
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Moisturizers based on hyaluronic acid are light-weight and usually non-irritating! The one by the Ordinary is good, and Hada Labo is the same thing but more cost-effective.
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I use Japanese sunscreen, too, and also use CeraVe.
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Response by poster: My goodness, this is like the most MeFi consensus I've ever seen! Thanks, and I will definitely be picking up a bottle of the CeraVe today!
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I'm with typify on the Hyaluronic acid gel moisturizers. I have supersensitive skin and use Neutrogena Hydro Boost. It removes any sense of dryness, but it doesn't feel like you have a greasy coating on, just supple, hydrated skin. It feels *really* good to apply after too much time in the sun.
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I really like the Burt's Bees moisturizer with the cotton plant picture on it. Very light weight and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Available at Target and drug stores.
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CeraVe products have never worked for me, but Neutrogena night cream has.
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I love CeraVe PM, but it really is chock-full of active ingredients, including niacinamide, which can cause flushing. If your skin is sensitive and you only want moisture, I recommend Clinique Moisture Surge. It's a really lightweight gel, perfect for summer, and it's pretty bland. Don't get the Garnier knock-off--alcohol is one of the first ingredients.
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I don't like Cerave, but I love the hyaluronic moisturizers. I use Dr. Lin, which is affordable and you don't need much.
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I recommend Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream. I've used two bottles before. Super fast absorbing and if I remember correctly it was unscented or very lightly scented.
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