Help stop my keys from jingling
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I absolutely hate when my keys jingle.

So I bought a keysmart about a year ago. It does the job of keeping my keys quiet. But, I have pared down the number of keys on my ring and now only have two daily keys. I don't need a keysmart just for that. Also, Keysmart sends waaayyyy too many emails. I found this kickstarter for a Key Anchor and that is hitting my sweet spot of being minimal, but keeping my keys quiet. Problem is, its an ended kickstarter. Has anyone ever come across something similar to this in their internet or personal travels? I like the idea of a tight spring keeping my keys down, but its not 100% necessary.
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If it's only 2 keys could you just get a nut and bolt to put through the hole? Twist the nut down and then they would be close enough that they wouldn't jangle.
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My internet is fighting me right now, so I can't give you a link this second, but I think if you search "Swiss army keys," you'll find various DIY solutions similar to that keysmart thing.

If you want a super minimal solution for two keys only, what about you get a nut, a bolt, and a tiny rubber gasket? Put the gasket between the keys to keep them separated, then bolt the keys together and trim the end of the bolt if you want.

PREVIEW: I AM SHAKING MY FIST AT RACCOON409 but still posting anyway.
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I've been thinking of modifying my keysmart to make it wider, to hold a USB drive. If I were you, I'd stick with the keysmart and stick both keys on the same end of the bar, filling in with cheap washers from the hardware store on the other end. I like the grip and leverage of the keybar, plus I stick my pinky finger through the keyring attached and it makes me feel more secure about doing things where I could create a minor catastrophe if I dropped the keys at the wrong time (little stuff, like walking over a grate, an elevator with a wide gap, that kinda thing).
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How about this device for storing your keys in your wallet?
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And, just to jump on the nut-and-bolt bandwagon, you could also take apart your keysmart and use those nut/bolt parts to bind your 2 keys. That way you are using hardware you already have, and more importantly, which has already been de-burred and buffed so you don't have to worry about weird edges from rough-made nuts/bolts.
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PS I take back what I said about using a rubber gasket and change it to "washers" like Sunburnt said. The reason I even said gasket was that I forgot for a minute that washers exist.
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What about a KeyBar?
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Response by poster: Nut/bolt combo is not a bad idea and so simple that it makes me feel a little foolish for not realizing it! But its not quite what I'm looking for. I like the key anchor aesthetic, that a nut and bolt kinda lacks.
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Why would you stop using a KeySmart just because you only have two keys now? I only have two keys on mine, and in fact I feel like two is about the right number... too many more would be unwieldy.
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Instead of a nut and bolt you can use a binding post, aka a 'Chicago Screw', which you should be able to find an assortment of at any large hardware store or crafty place. A short (1/4") binding post should be perfect for two keys and a nylon washer.
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Response by poster: kindall, i just got rid of some keys that I wasn't using daily. I may actually use the keysmart for those. But I wanted something even more minimal for my pocket since I was shrinking things down.
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One of my key rings has just 2 keys on it. I have a small leather fob and a loop of string spaced so the keys don't contact each other.
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Response by poster: gyusan, i just checked the keysmart and thats exactly how their screws are. I have never heard of a chicago screw, thanks for the tip. I like this idea best so far. Hopefully my local hardware store has one small enough.
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Leather key fold. Possibly not minimal enough for you, but the leather is nicer to stash in a pocket than a multitool-sized chunk of metal, and unlike some of the suggestions, it encloses the keys so they don't dig into you/wear at your pants pocket when you sit down.
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roll a small o-ring onto the shoulder of one key to stop it jangling against the other, then use a small knotted loop of something like micro cord to hold 'em together.
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How about something like this?
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This is what I use. I'm not sure if it's as minimal as you'd like but it works fairly well. The process of using a key is a bit more cumbersome than usual but it's not enough to dissuade me from using it. I like the fact that they pokey parts of the keys are hidden so they don't scratch other things in my pocket.
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Hairband as spacer. Tuck keys in back pocket.
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I have the same slightly obsessive desire for silent keys, and only three keys. I have solved the problem by putting my keys on a carabiner, clipping the carabiner to a back belt loop, and tucking the keys into my back pocket. No jingle.

Seriously, that's all I do. It works.
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Oh, and I should say that it's super not-cumbersome to get them out, that way. Just make sure you get a 'biner that doesn't have the little notch in the gate, because that thing will snag a belt loop every time.
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