Sturdy, cheap queen bed platform in Fairfax Co. VA pick up tonight??
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After spending a night on the couch, I'd like to replace our cheap broken Ikea platform frame with something sturdier (but still cheap)...that I could pick up on the way home tonight.

Queen size memory foam mattress, no bed spring, so we need a platform. Combined human weight roughly 525 pounds with one larger and one smaller, so we need something strong! The Zinus Elite looks like exactly what I need but it is completely not available, and even the cheaper Zinus options won't get here before Saturday.

I am commuting from (roughly) Springfield, VA to Chantilly, VA this evening, and my perfect unicorn of a bed platform would be found along that route tonight or at worst tomorrow. Ikea is unfortunately not along that route. I can borrow either a truck or a minivan along the way to transport whatever I get.

It doesn't have to be super pretty, we can put a bed skirt around it (or, even better, put it inside the remains of the Ikea bed frame). (Side note, the Ikea frame is entirely non-weight-bearing at this point....the whole outside frame has broken, not just the slats.)
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Is it possible to just put the mattress on the floor for a little while? I think cheap, available immediately, and good are probably a "pick two out of three" kind of situation.
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Yeah. Order the frame you really want, and put the mattress on the floor in the meantime. The Sweethome even cites us:

Some people put their mattresses right on the floor, and some mattress makers suggest this is okay, if you prop it up once or twice a week to air out. But elevating an all-foam or foam-topped mattress allows for continual airflow through the mattress—to let it “breathe” underneath. Moisture from your body, the floor, and the air in your home can condense underneath a mattress on the floor and lead to mold issues, especially in humid homes. Mattress maker Nest Bedding warns against putting a mattress on the floor, and commenters in a MetaFilter thread provide examples of mold growing under mattresses that aren’t regularly rotated or allowed to breathe.
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This is what Craigslist is perfect for! And it's very active in northern VA.
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