Places to eat near Vaughan, Ontario
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We're visiting the Toronto area and staying in a hotel near the Vaughan IKEA. For lunches we'll be in Toronto, but for dinners we'd like to stay within a 10-15 minute drive of our hotel (we've got a 1 y.o. so we're on his schedule). What are some good places to eat in this area? Thanks!
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With a one year old in tow, don't discount IKEA as a decent place for a quick meal. Swedish Meatballs for the win. It's reasonably priced, totally kid friendly, and I love it! Check to see what time they are open till.
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Good idea - we already ate at IKEA but we might do it again 😀.
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Not sure what your preferences are for cuisine, but Sofra Istanbul at Steeles and the 400 is a really good Turkish place. It's not fancy (which is probably a good thing) and would be good for young ones.
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Pickle Barrel up at big mall is decent for chain food.
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You are near Promenade mall which has an Aroma. You can get a salad or sandwich h and malls make it easier to push a stroller around, etc if the baby is fussy. There's also a T&T (huge Asian supermarket) in that mall and you can get decent takeout there for bbq pork or duck with rice. Skip the rest of the hot counter though. The sweet and sour eggplant I got there was vile.

There is also a Dr Laffa nearby for great falafel or on Steeles there is the middle eastern store Sababa which has good takeout options.
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I work very close to the IKEA, so I've had lunch in a number of places there. Unfortunately it's the land of chain restaurants, but some are not bad at all. I'll name a few I've tried more than once and would recommend:

Spoon & Fork (sushi/thai/all you can eat) - upscale

I can also recommend Siamese Thai Cuisine (non-chain Thai resto) - downscale, but delicious food.

If you want tasty Indian/Pakistani food, try Tandoori Time. Also not a fancy place but delicious kebabs and naan.

For burgers, both Five Guys and Hero Burger are very close and both are delicious. I prefer Hero myself, the meat is more flavourful and they have more variety.

Dessert: you're staying in the part of Vaughan that's basically known as little Italy; you can get REALLY delicious cannoli (and espresso, etc) at either Cannoli Queens or The Big Cannoli. Symposium also has a large variety of desserts; I've only tried their famous carrot cake and it was amazing. It's small and tight though; probably not very stroller friendly but you could definitely take dessert to go.

I would recommend staying away from that Pickle Barrel location, both times I tried it, it was bad (sorry Ftsqg).

If you have more specific questions about the area, memail me.
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Sofra Istanbul is a good choice. I went there once and enjoyed it. The people I was with were Turkish and they said it was legit.

Pho T&T at Langstaff and Keele is decent. Not great, but not terrible either.

Gelatogelato has good pizza and gelato. It's at Langstaff and the 400.

If you like Korean food I would recommend Song Cook's. It's at Yonge and Steeles so probably closer to a 15 minute drive but the food is great and they have a floor seating area which we've always found convenient for our kids (ie you sit on an elevated floor with low tables) from age 0 up because they can stay in the car seat if they're sleeping or crawl around a bit. It can get busy so you would want to call ahead to make a reservation.
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The other recommendations are much nearer than mine.
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Shater Abbas! Cute little counter-style family-owned place, cheap and cheerful, serving SUPER delicious Persian food. The Koobideh is incredibly good (tender ground meat cooked on a skewer). Huge portions, very affordable- under $35 to feed two adults. Flavourful and not spicy- I think a little kid accustomed to Western food would actually like it.
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Shater Abbas!

I'll check them out. I am right there probably once a week because I'm going to Canadian Tire, PetValu or MEC.
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They close relatively early so it might not work for your schedule, but Vicentina Meats in Vaughan serves some of the most amazing Italian sandwiches available in the GTA.
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