Obstructed Seating at Radio City Music Hall
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Hello! I bought tickets to see Dave Chappelle at Radio City next week and then noticed after the fact that they say OBSTRUCTED VIEWS on them.

These are orchestra seats in rows R & S. I've googled and see that they are behind a sound board. How serious is the obstruction for this type of show? It's just a guy doing comedy, rather than something visual with sets and dancing, et cetera, so I'm hoping it won't be a big deal.

This is for a work event with a lot of people in attendance and I did buy the insurance, so if it's bad I'd like to get them refunded and sit somewhere else.

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If you go here, click on the seating chart to enlarge it, and go to Orchestra 4, there's a seat photo from row R, showing exactly what the view behind the sound board is.
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I recently had "obstructed view" seats at the Beacon where I was several rows behind the sound board and it was a complete non-issue.
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For future mefites and googlers, I sat in these seats and we didn't notice the sound board at all. I think it would only be a concern if you were in the row immediately behind he board.
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