What was your life coaching experience like?
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I'm trying to get an idea of what people have experienced as clients of life coaches. What was the problem you wanted to work on, what did you do to work on it, and how did it work? Where did you do it (online, in person, via email, etc.), how much did it cost, and would you do it again? Anything else you'd like to share is welcome. Any kind of life coaching (no matter the system) is OK. Thanks!
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Usually I engage life coaches for one of a limited number of reasons, typically to help navigate career changes & and major life decisions or to come across as confident and focused to achieve specific goals.

So, for me coaching is to figure out what to do or to figure out a direction that will lead to positive change and eventual clarity. This is typically what life coaches do. They aren't exactly therapists, but everyone has roadblocks and blindspots and having someone with you to explore your insecurities and frustrations and aspirations takes trust. I don't recommend it if you are depressed or have some sort of more pressing mental health needs. It's best for people who can be introspective without getting anxious or defensive during self-discovery.

Sometimes I work with coaches to achieve something specific I want. This can actually fit as life coaching because if you pour yourself into an endeavor, it can become your life for a while.

Obviously, the coach's approach is different for different goals. For more general way-finding you might be assigned homework to list things that make you grateful or happy or irritated each day until a pattern emerges. For specific goals, you might do centering exercises or role playing to prepare for asking for a raise or promotion.

Cost for me varied from pro bono (what I wanted to do aligned with what the coach wanted to see happen) up to around $120 to $150 per 30 minute session.

I've seen three or four coaches on the past 10 years or so, usually once every week or two for four to six months.

Hope this helps. MeMail me if you want more details or clarification.
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I have done both phone and in-person coaching. I'd say at minimum, do video calls. In person is best.

It was a great milestone for me as a person to become coachable. Really glad I did it -- despite my very intense resistance at first.

It's great to be able to ask for -- and receive -- help.
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I did a group program a while back, that was basically one group video-call per month + resources + a Facebook group where the two coaches were fairly present. I believe it was maybe $40/month but this was a few years ago.

In my case, the problem I wanted to work on was sort of feeling "stuck" and like my life was not going anywhere, and I was sort of trying a bunch of things to get things moving in a more positive direction. I was also living in a new city and felt like I wanted more of a support system. I did the group for about 6 months and felt like it was very positive. I might do it again depending on my life situation -- right now my life is MORE than moving, like a million changes all at once and I don't feel like I'd have the time/inclination/need for a program like this. But if I did end up that sort of "stuck" feeling place again, I could see doing it.
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I did life coaching to get over my procrastination and lay out a plan for my doctorate. It went really well! I did it via phone and it was about $300/month. Would totally do it again. Memail me if you want more details.
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I've seen a coach on and off for years. Pretty much entirely focused on career issues. She acted as a management coach for me when I didn't have a lot of help from my company. It's been entirely phone based, three 50min sessions a month for $500. I've found it incredibly effective and helpful for navigating senior leadership challenges and growing my career.
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